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Chicken Casino Royal - Again

Had not done Chicken Casino Royal in quite some time, it's a good one.

Chop scallions, green pepper, and a tomato, set aside. Fry boneless, skinless chicken in bacon grease and olive oil, add garlic and white wine after browning, reduce heat and simmer until almost cooked down. I had two pieces of chicken pounded out but they were so large we decided one was plenty for the two of us.

Layer cheese (Use your favorite, I used extra sharp cheddar), toppings, and bacon, then more cheese and toppings. Cover and let sit until cheese is melted. We served it with fresh asparagus fried in real butter and garlic. Do not be afraid to use plenty of garlic, it makes the meal.



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I though I saw a puddy tat (oops) that before, Looks good again too
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