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Saint O'Que
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[quote=Nick Prochilo][quote="Gary in VA":1keiv00w][quote="Nick Prochilo":1keiv00w][quote="Gary in VA":1keiv00w][quote="Nick Prochilo":1keiv00w][quote="Gary in VA":1keiv00w][quote="brian j":1keiv00w]
Originally Posted by "Larry Wolfe":1keiv00w
Hey Gary, when you go by Brians to pick up your wood would you be a friend and get mine too. I'll sell some Wolfe Rub to you 1/2 price if you drive to Brians and then bring me the wood. [smilie=imslow.gif]

P.S., I'll buy the New Castles too!
hasn't been bill been brining you the wood? [/quote:1keiv00w]

I don't know bout them two.. but I ain't bringin WOOD to any of you guys... I only bring my wife wood...[/quote:1keiv00w]

Dead wood, but wood none the less![/quote:1keiv00w]

I ain't heard no complaints... only thing i see is a satisfied smile on her face...[/quote:1keiv00w]

Maybe she doesn't know any better! [/quote:1keiv00w]

She better NOT know any better .. dammit!!!! lol[/quote:1keiv00w]

I wonder what she would say if she had an Oak instead of a Weeping Willow?[/quote:1keiv00w]

Don't know about that cause she already is satisfied with my Redwood!

Gary Cline
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Barbeque. Sit back, relax, and let the smoke work it's magic!

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Brian if you can save me some I can come up as soon as my truck gets out of the shop. It's been in there 5 1/2 weeks, should be done hopefully by next week.

Larry Wolfe
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