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I personally wouldn't do it for less than $10.50 a head. But that's just me. You will not make any money at $5.50 Do a little shopping around and see what it will cost you!

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Yep, $10.50 or more. You have to figure your cost plus how much time you put into cooking.

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Old 11-08-2005, 08:43 AM   #3
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5.50 sounds very low. I don't even do burgers and dogs for less than 7 bucks a head.

Your costs include meats, sides, buns, condiments, fuel for the grill,
ice, plates, napkins etc. It adds up.

My concern would be how hard you'd work to cook 3 different times,
plus the cost of keeping all that food safe in between.

Add up all your costs, then think what it's worth for you to do that.
Yeah it may be fun, but it's very hard work. The cleanup is what kills
me. I'm tired, I've got to pack, go home, unload, and clean up the

If your costs were 500 bucks, your profit is up to you only.
If you'd do all that for 300 bucks, just add that on. If you need more,
ask for's your choice.

Keep in mind health regulations and insurance liability. If you don't have
insurance, which costs about 600 bucks a year around here, you could get sued.
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Old 11-08-2005, 12:15 PM   #4
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They are probably already roasting the stuff and just doing this "at the same time" thus, eliminating the part where you would make your money......LABOR! With pork and chicken, I think you could do well at $12.00/person. That is what I negotiate "down" from $15 to , when the group is 250 or more. You must sell them on the fact that this will be WORTH every extra penny though. Then, you have to make it so!
Don't take any job, you are not going to make at least 100% margin from. This is too much work to do for free! Good luck!
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