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Building a Brick Oven


A few years ago, I was meeting with an associate in the pizza business and I asked him how he got started in the pizza business. He began to tell me the story of a home he owned in Up-State New York, and how he loved the pizza in that area. His favorite restaurants used either a coal-burning or a wood-fired oven. This gave him an idea.

This is not that much different from the "Open Pit" resturants I remember as a kid down the the Petersburg VA area (Kings BBQ) or in the Richmond VA area (Allman's BBQ ) or "The Farmhouse". There was always a open fireplace where the Q was lying on a steel grate at countertop level with a metal sheet blocking the fire that was at floor level. A couple cooked shoulders were pushed to the back, except for the one shoulder that was currently being cut up and served. The cook would cut off a piece and then transher it to a chopping block where it would be chopped with a clever and blended with sauce before it was served.

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Great stuff. We want to build one at the camp ground this summer. We have most of the brick. Now I have to hide all the adult beverages till it gets done.

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I was going to build a brick oven in the back yard but the problem I found was getting fire brick here in southeast Florida. Nobody uses it or carries it. $3 a brick is the best price I got I had a horrible time finding old used bricks just to line the pit I have now.
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Damn, I have that crap lieing all around my yard, I just don't have the incentive to build the freaking thing!
I hope this isn't negative!
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That would be sooo cool.

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