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Bugs On The Weekend Menu!

Well, I picked up the crawfish yesterday and was excited to be getting some really nice sized ones but when I got home and dumped them into the tub to rinse them off I was somewhat disappointed to see they were on the smaller size than I expected. Now I was still glad to be having them but would have liked them to be a little larger.
While I was getting things ready Red was guarding my Abita Turbodog for me.

And he's really serious about ANYONE touching my beer.

A word of warning, don't leave the live crawfish unattended for too long. I walked down the driveway and was talking with my son in law out front and when I came back into the yard about a hundred of those crawfish must have found out what was awaiting their soon to be fate.

Had the seasoned water going with a nice rolling boil and it was almost time for the first batch to go in.

Red was so excited that he was doing headstands. Maybe it was the Turbodog!

Into the pot they go along with some baby creamer potatoes, mushrooms, green beans and okra. Oh, I always put halved lemons in there but when I have oranges on the tree I put a bunch of those in there too. I love that citrus flavor in there!

Something else I tried this time was I put a hunk of pork loin at the beginning of the boiling in the pot to cook. After the second boil I took it out to cool and put it in the fridge until later today. I'll post something later on how that came out.
The crawfish came out good and spicy delicious! Yes, we had some leftover that we sat and peeled for a good crawfish etouffe' another day.

I can't wait for the next boil!

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Man you eat well T! Great lookin' cook.

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Yum yum. Love them Dads. Sorry to hear you couldnt get no lobster sized. Those look highly edible to the untrained eye. Rumors around here is the LA folks keep the big ones for themselves an export the midgets to Texas. Not sure about the season on those things but got a pal that puts on a big boil around this time of year or close. He drives 40 miles E. of Shreveports and picks up a bunch of big bags of whoppers in his truck. Thats apparently where the big boys hang out...just for future reference. Or has been in the past. They could have all got stunted this year perhaps. The rice farmers sometimes do nutty stuff from what I heard.
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