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Back problems? Anyone?

So I've had a nagging back pain for a while now, finally it got bad enough I went to the doctor. After a few weeks of physical thearapy it got a ton worse so I got a MRI. Turns out I have a herniated disk with a loose fragment. Surgery is probable, Has anyone had anything similar? What kind of recovery time am I looking at?

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Re: Back problems? Anyone?

Well sorry to hear of the ailment. I would get multiple opinyawns on the surgery till I bumped into some Doc tell me I don't need it.

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Re: Back problems? Anyone?

I had a spinal fusion 27 years ago. I don't believe that do it that way anymore. I was out of work for about 10 months. Now Larry will be coming along in a day or so and he will tell you all about his!
I hope this isn't negative!
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Re: Back problems? Anyone?

Wife had similar and got immediate relief, back to work in 2 weeks, had to repeat in 3 years but now 5 years later all is well.
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Re: Back problems? Anyone?

Have fun!

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Re: Back problems? Anyone?

Back Surgery has come a long way in about the last ten years.
Good luck and hang in there,you'll be back up to snuff in no time I'm sure.
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Re: Back problems? Anyone?

Well Mikey the one eared one legged one weld bbq welder went in for a little out patient neck surgery because of pain from an old Motorcyle wreck. He is now an invalid and needs a walker to get around. Just recently qualified for SS benefits. Lost everything he owned counting his job. Prior to the minor surgery he was working 60 hrs. a week as a machinist. Very sad story. He bound to have bumped into one of the surgeons who graduated in the bottom 50% of his class in medical screwl. Or maybe it was one of them affirmative action deals. Who knows?
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Re: Back problems? Anyone?

Sorry to hear about your back. I was injured in a car accident in'99 and they wanted to do surgery with no guarantee of positive results. I declined and keeping busy and active helps me but, I still have my bad days.I wish you good luck with recovery!
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Re: Back problems? Anyone?

If it really is a spine issue then this likely won’t help you. However, if it just happens to be a muscle issue somewhere along the spine then I will tell you what I do about every single morning.

I use a 1/3 sheet Makita vibratory sander. People usually laugh when I tell them this. But I swear it gets me going in the morning, and has for about four or five years now. If you think about it this sander does the same thing as a lot of “Mickey Mouse” back massagers available on the market, except it is much much more powerful and much much better.

The 1/3 sheet size is pretty hard to find. However, here is one on After going through seventeen pages on to find this one I ought to order this one for when mine burns up. Most of the vibratory sanders now days are the ¼ sheet size palm sanders. I don’t think I could do the same thing with the palm sander. I reach around my back and hold this thing by the grip handle with one hand and the front handle with the other hand and run it around my lower back. I've been using it so long now I can't imagine doing without it. It was a miracle for my back problems.

Here it is. However, I don’t need the dust bag. ... 8&sr=1-393

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Re: Back problems? Anyone?

Find a neurosurgeon who specializes in discectomy procedures. A lot of times these procedures can be performed with a minimally invasive technique (MED) - small incision in the muscles and the muscles are stretched out with different sized tubes. The surgeon is able to remove the disc and the muscles return to normal. You should have immediate relief and a quick recovery.

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