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Any Cajun Fishermen Here?

Cajun Fisherman:

One day, while fishing under the I-10 bridge in The Atchafalaya Basin, Boudreaux made a confession.

"We all been friends for tirty year and been tru a lot. I never told ya'll dis befo 'cause I don't wanna ruin our friendship, but I'm gay."

Fontenot looked over at Thibodeaux and say, "We kinda figured dat out a while back, but wadn't gonna say nuttin' 'cause we didn't wanna embarrass you".

Boudreaux thanked them for their understanding and continued, "Da reason I'm tollin' ya'll dis is 'cause I got AIDS and I got six munt to liv. Ya'll da only family I got lef and I want ya'll to promise me dat yall wont let dem bary me. I'm scared of dem caskets and I wanna be cremate. Den, I want ya'll to trow my ashes from dat bridge up dair into dis swamp where we've spent so much time together." Fontenot and Thibodeaux wiped back a few tears, then agreed to do what their friend as asked.

Sho' nough, six munts later Beoudreaux died, and they were standing on the bridge with the ashes.

Fontenot was about to throw them out when Thibodeaux stopped him: "Wait, you gotta say sumtin," he say.

"I donno what to say. I never was much about goin' to church" Fontenot admitted.

Thibodeaux, he scratch his head, "Just say somtin'....anyting, Make it rhyme."

Fontenot, he tought about it a while and started trowin' dem ashes out over da swamp and say,

"Ashes to ashes, Dus to dus, if you liked women, You'd be here wit us.


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thats great!!

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Dem Boudreaux and Thibodeaux jokes just crack me up.
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that's a good one. those guys are funny. one of them has a town named after him...
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Thats funny
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