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911 I'll never forget - where were you when it happened?

This isn't political either - it's our history now.
I was just getting off work and turned on the Tv to find live coverage of some kind of accident.. I called my Mom in california and she was watching it too, when all of a sudden the second plane hit the other tower. I ran outside and screemed into the air "WHY?".. and then the anger came.. I might not talk about it all the time, but I will never forget what happened to out fellow citizens... Please don't let this become political at all.. Just where were you at the time.. Thanks for a great forum too Greg!!!

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I was in my office at the police department, when one of my dispatchers yelled in that a plane had just hit the World Trade Center, we were glued to the TV for most of the rest of the day.

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I was driving out to see a customer in Sandusky, Ohio...on a remote side road listening to Howard Stern...they announced a plane had flown in to one of the WTC buildings...I thought it was a little single prop...then Robin Quivers said it was a jet...and then said another one had slammed in to the other building...Howard said we were under attack...I tuned to an all news station locally who had coverage and it was shocking to hear the events unfold...I tuned back to Howard and listened as the towers both fell down to the ground. They stayed on the air till well past 1 or 2 pm that day explaining what was happening. It was not funny...it was scary as hell and I will never forget it
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I actually slept through it..I got off mids and went to bed @ 8am. My daughter came over and woke me up at noon to tell me..I thought she was makinig it up..I still get chills...
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I remember It still pisses me off
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I was driving to the auto parts store to get a battery for the car. Ended up sitting at the city counter watching it as it happened...stunned in silence with the others. I lost a friend that day on flight 93 and another son of a friend that will never be the same after the things he witnessed from below the towers. I was on the top of one taking the public tour just a month before. I keep those pictures as a reminder.
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I was in the Prince William County Courthouse getting married. We came out all happy and giddy and the secretary was crying hysterically.
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I remember watching it in disbelieve and being proud that the towers were still standing after getting hit by planes…then being horrified as they came down……I also remember it being a beautiful fall day here in WNY with clear skies and just how quite it was after they grounded all the planes….and speaking with a neighbor who was a veteran of WWII and him saying he never thought he would feel that way again after Pearl….and wondering what kind of world my unborn child was going to be born into…..
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I was a Company Commander (Drill Instructor) at Coast Guard Training Center Cape May, NJ training recruits.

In a strange sort of way, it was a good place to be at the time.

It solidified why I was their, and gave the recruits a real life lesson as to why they were there. It also helped to put the Coast Guard on the map, and shed some light as to what we do every day.

So in my mind is was a very tragic day that cost many innocent lives, but I was able to find some good in it.

May we never forget why we fight, and what we stand for as a country!!!!!!

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I was renting a room at the time from my co-worker just across the street from the university I went to (here in CA). Religiously in the mornings I would wake up and turn on The Today Show. That morning I didn't turn the TV on. I got up super early and finished up my statistics work for class later that day then went back to bed. Their kids came over and woke me up and said turn on the TV you're never going to believe what just happened....I watched the first tower crumble down around 7am or something.
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I was in the air flying parallel to Manhatten on a flight from Cleveland to Newark. I watched the horror unfold in person that day. United Flight 93 was on the ground at Newark waiting in line to take off. Can't help but feel that it could have been any of us. I couldn't catch a flight back all week. Newark airport resembled a ghost town. I met many people from all over the world that week who were stranded and shared many a drink and story with them. Ultimately drove the rental car that I had home to Cleveland that Friday.

To this day I can't shake the habit of checking out everyone who boards the plane. I always get an aisle seat and always check out anyone getting out of their seat and making a move either to the overhead bin or anywhere in the vicinity of the cockpit.
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I was at work teaching a class. When we took a break and went out to the lobby where the cell phones pick up, one guys Wife called saying it had happened, we canceled the class and wheeled a TV into the classroom and watched the feed that the Corporation put on it's satellite. We all said the same thing. "We're going to war."
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i was on my way to work and listeing to raido , heard that a plane flew into the WTC and stupid me was thinking it was the WT bldg. here in New Orleans . the news was unclear and also saying that someone hit the WTC in NY was silly .......................till i got to work and seen what really happend . My country was under attack my hart hit the floor seeing what i seen on TV made this grown man break down .

I WILL NEVER FORGET .... all of the mothers,fathers,sons,daughters and other family members that were lost that day and then after .

I will always have a pain in my hart because of that day .

u dam cowards
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I was getting ready for work in my apartment. Then I got to work and people were staring at the tv crying.

It was surreal to say the least.

Prayers for those people & families always.


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I was in my office in downtown Washington DC, about 3 blocks north of the White House. Someone got a phone call, turned on a TV, and told us what had happened -- the first plane -- and we were watching when the second plane hit, telling us for sure that it was no aviation accident. I started gathering my work into a briefcase, and then the third plane hit the Pentagon. By the time I got to the Farragut West Metro station, it was starting to get packed, but I got on a train fairly quickly. The train went under the Potomac and stopped at Roslyn, where we were told the train was going out of service and to get out. Standing on that underground platform with thousands of other people, trying to cram ourselves into the occasional train that came along, I realized how vulnerable those subway stations are to poison gas. (I'm still amazed we haven't had that kind of attack here.) I called my wife from the Vienna station (end of the line), and fortunately she was able to pick me up (or it would have been a 6-mile walk). I do not believe that security in the District of Columbia is worth a nickel, not really any more effective than before 9/11/01. A lot of show, not much substance.

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I was in my classroom getting the kids ready for a lab. I heard the anouncement over the local Rock station that a plane had hit the tower. The DJ said it was a small single engine aircraft and mocked the pilots abilities. As things unfolded that hour I was chilled to the bone. I remember working in the towers back in the early 80's. The thought of them falling terrified me.


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I was working in an office building just west of downtown Chicago. After the first plane hit we were summonded to watch and a couple minutes after I sat down the second plane hit. Soon after we went out onto the roof deck as we thought for sure Chicago was next. It was the only time I have ever seen the skies over chicago clear. Not a plane to be seen.
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I was working close to home that day so when all the mayhem started I was able to go home and watch on TV. My brother was working about 10 or 15 miles from NYC that day and was able to see and smell the smoke that day. A day none will forget.
I hope this isn't negative!
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I was at work. Went home early that day to be with the family.
We will never forget.
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I was going to an off suty detail, directing traffic on a bridge inspection. When the car radio said a plane crashed I thought about a History Channel special I had seen about a WWII bomber that hit the Empire State Building in the fog many years ago. And thoght, "What a tragic accident". As I arrived at the bridge I heard about the second one and my heart sank realizing thias was no accident. I was out of the cruiser all day so I kept stopping cars and asking them just what was going on. When our lunch break came along we were told the President was in Florida at the time. I kept an eye to the sky after that thinking the plane was now a target. Quite a helpless feeeling all day. It felt worse when I got home and saw the video myself.

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