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Do you mean like a griddle?

I have seen grill at Pro Bass shop or maybe Cabelas that are like steel trays about 3 inches deep with grill on top. Seems like a good idea but not much room for ashes and you would have to remove the grill to empty it out.

It was sort of like this http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/pr...oductId=848747 but no lid and legs


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That was my next question,. Do you mean like a griddle.

I made my own flat top "grill" and it work great, best thing I ever made next to my kids.
I use lump hardwood in mine.

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Hey Mafia welcome. Think I am getting the pic here. That kinda apparatus would be fine for grilling and sure some ex-spurt could prob make passable bbq with it..but it generally be best for something of short duration cook times..steaks...poak chops..dead fish..etc. Think you could buy a nice one with a lid (which greatly improves it's effectiveness) for less than one could be built. Now if you could find one where the fire could be tended without moving the meat..I will take two How much money you got to spend? If you dont mind a person being nosey of course Hey turn off your all caps deal plz. That drives some folks crazy. They think your shouting at em for some reason.

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