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Used ta be Cool-More Progress

This project has been gettin put off to long. So today I got back to work on it.

Got the wheels mounted, the control box mounted an the heatin element in.

The heatin element. It's fer a dryer an should provide plenty a heat.

This is gonna be used primarily fer sausage, bacon an hams. Should really help make a quality sausage.

Next, I'm gonna get it wired up. Got a start on the smoke generator already. Hope ta get it finished up next weekend!

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Man you always got something good happing, Thanks for posting you pix. It makes the rest of us think

we're the host team for 2 bbq contest, near Naigara Falls ny,,
please mark your calender July 15,16, 2011 Aug 12-14, 2011 ... 977?ref=ts

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Lookin' Good Hillbilly
Keep us posted!

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Old 11-28-2009, 01:39 AM   #4
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Way too cool. Those old porcelain fridges as kind of tough to find. That one looks perfect.

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you are going to need a fan to cool that element..other wise it's going to burn up
Here is a link to the kit the sausage maker sells ... ntkit.aspx
it might help you out some
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You are going to use a 3-wire power cord with the body of the box grounded, right? (I'd probably build in a GFCI too, but maybe I'm a little paranoid.)
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Great job Hillbilly. I just love them electrical cooking contraptions. If you was to stick a Sams pan fulla water in there you could prob knock out briskets etc. Just let the drippings fall in the pan.

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Old 12-04-2009, 10:28 AM   #8
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Nothing short of SWEET right there!

Had 2 old friges like that 5 years ago and let the junk man take them.

One of those I wish I knew then what I know now moments. I am always on the look out for one tho maybe someday.

please keep the pics coming.great stuff

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