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Travel with the UDS?

I am getting ready to move about 1000 miles and I am looking for a good way to transport the UDS. I dont have a truck or this would be really easy. I do have a class III hitch, so I was thinking of using a hitch platform or something. Has anyone done this before? Thanks in advance.


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Re: Travel with the UDS?

Well think the best bet on this deal be like all the Okies who move to Sunny CA each day to pick cucumbers etc. Just strap it on top of your car like they do the mattresses. Now I would prob knock out the bottom so it get some airflow going through there. When you get to the destination have some drunk welder tack it back on. Now to knock it out all a person needs is a boy scout hatchet and a small sledge hammer. Just like opening a can of pork n beans when you forget the can opener. Always show up with cold beer at five PM. Amazing how much rod burning can go on in that short span. Just trying to think of some options here. If a person was a smarty pants and know how to light a fire in there it could be a Scram Jet. I seen them on TV the other night. Seems purty simple.
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