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steam kettle

i have positioned a steamkettle above the firebox piped to the top of the hood on the last two smokers i built.i am trying to do away with the water tray has anyone else tried this method before?the people seemed pleased with there performance.any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: steam kettle

Hmmm sounds like a good idear to me. Now try building one like this sometime. Directly below the cooking grates and extending partially over the firebox is a rectangular SS water trough with a somewhut "V" shaped bottom which holds about 15 gallons of water. When you cook all the goop falls in the water. When it time to go home you just open the faucet and all the slimey water goes in the street or behind a tree etc. Have some pals who used to have a custom built model on that pattern..was named Bubba. Was one of the few offset pits I have seen which could could cook a coupla nekked briskets to the edible stage. Put out some real moist heat. Guess in the final analysis is could be called a horizontal ECB which burned logs and had good air control. He peddled it not long ago when his little bride passed and he gave up on comp cooking.


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Re: steam kettle

They sometimes use a steam generator fer sausage smokers, don't know why it wouldn't work on other stuff. Feller would just have to experiment with that a bit. Should work I'd think.
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