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should I paint new offset smoker?

Just got myself a new offset smoker. Been reading that I should give it a coat of rust-proof paint so I picked up some high heat rustoleum spray paint.

Should I spray it all over during assembly and wait for it to dry before attaching firebox? Or should I just put it all together and season it first?

After spraying How long after spraying should I wait before I fire it up?

In my old smoker, I always sprayed it down with some vegetable oil before every cook and that seemed to help keep it in decent condition.

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Welcome Keith! I've never painted a smoker before. Not sure if I can answer your question. I do agree with the ol aerosol veggie oil trick, works well. What kind of cooker did you get?

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It's a Brinkman Trailmaster Limited offset stick burner.

Read some forums where they say painting it could help prevent rust. My old barrel smoker rusted a bit but it was a cheaper model. I want to be sure I take good care of this new one.
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The high temp paint lasts a while on the parts that dont get real hot. Cooking oil or PAM is best for the firebox and adjacent areas. Not much of anything will stick for long on those that I ever found. Would not hurt to paint the whole thing..let dry a day or so..then start cooking on it. Where the paint burns off break out the oil. I like to apply it while its still warmish but not overly hot. If its real hot it seems to burn off the oil before it helps much. Keep us posted on it.
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I would use it for a season, that will burn off the areas that get hot, then paint it. I have the same exact smoker, trust me you will want to paint it, espically if you use it alot. Most common place that will need paint is the firebox. the rest will stand up pretty good to the weather and such.
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