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I'd be willing to bet if you asked Dave Klose these questions he would have good answers to all your questions. Go to his site and ask.

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If there was an advantage to a square top and v bottom, I bet one the big guns would be doing it. I suppose something to do with smoke flow and even temps.

Now Southern Pride is a big square box with a built in tilt-a-wheel thing, so maybe I'm off base.

What they said, call Klose!

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Re: Pit design questions

Originally Posted by ZBQ
Now, ? # 1) Is there a particular reason that offsets are almost always
The reason the offsets are usually round is because the welders that
started building that style were mostly oilfield workers building platform
rigs, drilling rigs and pipeline. "Left over" large diameter Round Pipe was
readily available material that made excellent smokers at low cost.
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I have a theory on this. If the cooking chamber is square then moisture will collect on the top of the chamber and little creasote bullets will be dripping in the meat. By being round the collected moisture runs down the sides of the pit. Just a theory.
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I've seen some pits where the shelf space is only about 4" high. You can really pile on the rib then. That is one mod I may have made to The Extreme. I could double my cooking space when doing ribs or chicken quarters.
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