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PBC mod question...

I am new to smoking/grilling. I was planning on making my own UDS but due to time/work space constraints (I live in an apartment in suburban NY) I decided to purchase a PBC. I have used it three times. Twice with ribs and once I used it as a grill to make burgers, dogs and sausage. I have been extremely pleased with the results and so has my family. I am planning on doing a Boston butt next but am concerned about how hot the PBC gets. I was wondering if anyone has modded one of these to include a diffuser plate of some sort and how it worked if you did. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to The Forum Paulie, I'm a WSM guy so can't answer your question, but I'm betting someone here can help you. Seems someone recently was posting something about a Pit Barrel Cooker.

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If this smoker is what I believe it is, it is similar to a UDS. If it is getting too hot, it is obvious that you may have too many coals lite a once. What you are going to want to so is use the minion method. Basically have an amount of coals in your firebox, the you will want to light a vastly smaller amount of charcoal, once fully ashed over, you will want to add this to your cold charcoal. Once the charcoal is added to the other pile you want to cover this and keep checking your temperature. Be careful not to keep opening the top of the smoker/ grill, this will cause extra oxygen to enter the chamber and ignite more charcoal, which is exactly what you dont want. You want your charcoal to burn as long as possible and a sustained temperature. I would recommend between 225 and 250.

You may want to invest into a Maverick Thermometer. You will be able to keep the temperature of you meat you are cooking and the grate level temperature at the same time.
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