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Re: Double Barrel Questions

Originally Posted by CWR
I have a bakery nearby that's a pretty large operation. They go through a large supply of barrels w/ food grade oil for lubricating thier machinery. I picked up 3 today with plans to make a cooker.

I have seen all the plans for the double barrel cookers and would be interested in building one. My question is this, Will I get away with just using lump, or will I need to use wood in the firebox? I am concerned about getting to temp, and keeping it for a the long cooks this little hobby of ours requires. I live in Montana, and don't have a place to readily get good firewood.

If this won't work, I am thinking about making an offset instead. Maybe both, as I seem to have found an unlimited supply of these barrels. I was told as long as they are out back, there up for grabs.

No wood in Montana?!?!?
You can use lump as your fire source (heat), but you will need wood (of some sort) for good smoke ring formation and flavor. You can but chunks at most home improvement stores and a lot of grocery stores carry it during the summer. There are some mail order places the don't rape you on shipping also.



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Finney said
"...but you will need wood (of some sort) for good smoke ring formation and flavor."

I respectfully disagree. 8-[ I've gone to only using lump for the last 2 years. I always get a good smoke ring and flavor.

In all fairness to the lump question I need to add that I have a buddy who has an offset. He doesn't use lump because according to him he goes through it like candy trying to keep his temp up. I've never had that problem though.

Does this bakery have an 30 gallon barrels (w/lid)? There seem hard to find.

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Isn't it Big Sky country? Northern Plains?
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