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Building new grill need advise please

I have a propane tank that is 30" in diameter and 7' long and a smaller propane tank that is 18" in diameter and 44" long. Where do you think that I should put my fire box? On my first one I built I put it in the back of the chamber but the more I look around to try to get ideas I see a lot of fire boxes on one end. What is your advise and why? Want to get it right don't know if the wife will let me build another one. I will have some more questions as I go for advise.

Thanks in advance,

Shannon Adcock
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I kinda like the FB on the back of the cookin chamber. I have both, but like the heat distribution on that one (my pig cooker). I put a 3/8" thick damper the length of the opening in the cookin chamber and can control it pretty easily. It also keeps flames from entering the chamber. Both work, but yur more likely to have cold spots with the fb on the end. If ya go that way, drop the stacks as far as posible into the cooking chamber.
just my $.02

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Firebox goes under the meat cuz that obeys the old law of physics about hot air rising. The Good Lord did not intend hot or cold air to go sideways. Its either up or down. Cold air sinks I think or at least it don't rise.

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My cooker heat goes sideways and it works absolutely perfectly and wouldn't have it any other way. I never get cold spots anywhere...not even on the ends. I built a diverter where the heat enters the cooking chamber...maybe I just got lucky when I built it...

If things for any odd reason ever get out of control heat wise.....I have a SURE FIRE way of controlling it.... I can't imagine if the heat is under the cooking chamber being able to do that without putting the fire out.

Heat rises ......and you ain't stopping that process without putting the fire out

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