Rules Of The BBQ Central Forum


Thanks for coming in and looking around. There must be some R&R's otherwise it could get out of control really fast! The rules are to be followed to the letter and are as follows!!!:

1. In order to post you must be registered!!!


3. Please be respectful to others! Since this is not an invite only site and we have the opportunity to gain new members all the time, we don't want to frighten anyone away because someone is being a JERK or is being COMBATIVE all the time.

4. Off topic posts will not be tolerated in the cooking sections. The moderators will watch how threads develop and if off topic posts start, they will be deleted! There will be no second-guessing of the administrator or the moderators under any circumstances in regards to post deletions!!. These are sections (General BBQ, Grilling, and Pit Mods..Etc) that people are really looking for help in so the off-topic stuff needs to be curtailed.

5. General Discussion Section � Rules

The General Discussion area is set up to enable members to discuss topics other than BBQ in a positive, frank, friendly environment. Religious and political threads in this section WILL BE DELETED! Also, posts containing the following are prohibited.

1. Flaming: (Insulting each other) Not many people I know want to post to a site where they�ll be constantly insulted and put down.

2. Racism / Discrimination: Posts that denigrate another person�s race, religion, culture, or sexual orientations are strictly prohibited. YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU BREAK THIS RULE--NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!

3. Negative Attitudes: Members who don�t flame, post racist remarks, or swear can nevertheless have an ill effect on our community. Someone who constantly posts negative opinions about the site or other members without any constructive criticism is creating an unfriendly atmosphere.

What Could Offend Other Users

Degrading Comments: NO ONE likes to be called fat, stupid, smelly, retarded, dumb or anything else degrading. Many people lose their temper at one point or another when they become impatient with somebody, especially when discussing hot topics. I understand slips will happen, try not to let them occur to regularly. If you feel you have been attacked, contact that person privately and try to resolve the matter. Please, limit degrading comments to and about others.

Racism/Discrimination: There is NO situation when you can put someone down because of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. EVER!!!!!!

Swearing: There is serious swearing and minor swearing. Serious swearing is prohibited; minor swearing is allowed but let�s be careful with it. Use your language as if you were in a group of mixed people whom you kind of know, but not well. Choose your words accordingly.

We are all here to have fun and talk about BBQ and learn. Nothing above is meant to discourage that. We cannot have anarchy either. There must be some rules to obey or things will get out of control. My moderators and I are reasonable people. We will not rule with an iron fist, but we will not be afraid to delete posts and contact offending posters privately.

Please note, if a topic strays from it's original idea in the General Discussion section, it is up to the originator of the thread to bring it back on topic, if he or she so desires. In any other section, off topic posts will be deleted!!

6. If you feel someone or something has offended you, please contact myself or the moderators with your concern. We WILL address it accordingly and to your satisfaction!

7. If you are going to post a recipe from a book or TV show or something that isn't your own...GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE!!!

**The Site Administrator can ban or delete any member he feels necessary with or without cause and or warning**