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08-18-2007 08:15 AM

TIP: Ask for Cometitor's Bid or Quote
TIP: Ask for Cometitor's Bid or Quote

I do this all the time. When someone contacts me about BBQ and they got a quote from someone I always ask if they will send it so I can see what they would bring.

!!!!! It gives me all their prices and charges. !!!!!!

CarolinaQue 08-18-2007 09:33 AM


When I first started getting serious about this catering thing, I went to all the local places and picked up their catering and take out menus, and got online and looked up the menus and pricing of those running catering operations.

You're absolutely right. It helps a great deal with your pricing and brining business your way. Best investment I ever made. And all it cost me was some time and gas.


Woodman 08-19-2007 08:30 AM

I do that sometimes in the real world. 90% of the time they say NO and act really insulted. Usually I do it when I am on my fourth quote of consecutive price drops whil still not being able to hit a price point. In catering, for me, there is no point. I charge what I want, and NEVER negotiate on price. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!!!! I just finished my 10th job in 11 weeks. I have one more in mid SEptember and I am done for the season!

08-19-2007 08:39 AM

Also most places post their prices online so you can go to their website and get them.

I never bid low...ever. If I want a job I'll give a discount or wave a delivery or onsite cooking charge but the prices are firm. I agree woody.

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