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0341SteelRain 12-10-2009 08:04 AM

2nd Brisket!!
Morning gents, me and the wife had the day off so I figured why not try a brisket again.

My first one was okay, got a little intoxicated last time I did one, but not today. :)

Im gonna use the mop sauce that Mr. Bigwheel supplied, it taste good right out the pot.


Chimney goin with some Harris Teeter lump on the ole Char Griller

My elcheapo wanna be Maverick

What temp do yall recomend foiling? I was gonna foil around 170

bigwheel 12-10-2009 08:41 AM

Re: 2nd Brisket!!
Sounds good to me on the 170-180 or since you cooking a flat a lot of folks just go by time. General rule is 3 and 3..speaking hours out and in the foil here. Can be varied an hour any whichaway if you got a big one..cant keep the heat up etc. Before you wrap it be sure to fling out a handful of rub and half a handful of brown sugar onto the foil and lay the brisket on there meat side down. Take the hot mop and pour about a cup of it on the brisket turning up the edges of the foil so to make a little dam on all sides. Then snug it up good. Dont drown in no..just moisten it up a little. Cook till it passes the poke test. That should work.


0341SteelRain 12-10-2009 08:43 AM

Re: 2nd Brisket!!
thanks again BW

Shores 12-10-2009 10:00 AM

Re: 2nd Brisket!!
You can foil anytime after 140* in my opinion. On brisket I like to wrap at about 160*. I wrap first in saran wrap and then foil. I think it helps keep all the moisture in. I cook between 225-250*. Flats usually take me about 10 hours on average. Have fun today! :D

Bruce B 12-10-2009 11:14 AM

Re: 2nd Brisket!!
What's all that green stuff on the ground and in the trees?

0341SteelRain 12-10-2009 11:45 AM

Re: 2nd Brisket!!
So this flat cooked extremely fast, put it on at 8 am, foiled it when it hit 170, then i went inside for bout 15 minutes came back out and it was at 200.That was around 12:00 or before. So I pulled it let it rest for about 30, then cut, it had a real good flavor but it was tough. Any ideas to what I did wrong? Kinda depressing but I aint giving up until I get it right so I can do the comps. Oh well gonna eat on this all day. Camera died before I could get any sliced pics.

bigwheel 12-10-2009 11:50 AM

Re: 2nd Brisket!!
Well yeppers I've knowed folks who wrap it after an hour in the smoke but whut you get on that deal is a bunch of grease which that thang will puke up and poach itself in the foil with the grease as the medium. I like to cough most of the grease out of em before wrapping. It do not bother me in the least to wrap a well trimmed packer at 190. If you can hear them sizzling in the foil that is a clue they are cooking themselves in brisket fat. Which aint the tastiest substance around in that particular situation anyway. A good sop/mop taste much mo betta than brisket fat.


bigwheel 12-10-2009 11:58 AM

Re: 2nd Brisket!!
Well I dont recall hearing anything about a "poke test" on this deal. Temps is nice but they have to be coupled with the poke test. This be especially true if you shooting it up with stuff. For example have had some FAB infused models which refushed to die and give up till they got around 210. You cant get fooled by a poke test unless the poker is real drunk. The poke test is accomplished by use of an el cheapo Wally World instant read heat gauge. When you poke it into the middle of the flat and accidentally goes through both sides of the foil and hits the bottom of the pit..thats a clue it has passed.


0341SteelRain 12-10-2009 12:12 PM

Re: 2nd Brisket!!
I didn't really do the poke test, i just saw the thermometer at 200, so i went ahead and pulled for fear of it being overdone, just surprised me how quick it cooked, but it does have a real good flavor. It aint super tough, better than my last one, just was hoping it would be more tender.

0341SteelRain 12-10-2009 12:16 PM

Re: 2nd Brisket!!

Originally Posted by Bruce B
What's all that green stuff on the ground and in the trees?

Its left over from this summer, but with this weather here in Carolina it can be here one day and gone the next

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