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Captain Morgan 01-24-2009 05:47 PM

New Big WSM cooking info
several folks here have it....I'm interested in it...I know it's cold up
there but I'd like to have a thread for a while about cooking results.

Please post your opinions here..I'm anxious to hear about

a: smoke flavor in the meat

b: temperature control

c: fuel use.

d: clean up

This will be a spot for anyone to post questions.

Bruce B 01-24-2009 06:32 PM

Cappy as far as I know Witt is the only one on this board who has the new big one, I could be wrong though.

bigwheel 01-24-2009 06:50 PM

Well you WSM boys are a hoot. Now how would a mo bigga one supposed to react different than a little one? It bound to be the same thang only on a larger scale. Swear folks buy yall books..and send ya to school..and whut do yall do? Yeppers..chew on the book covers?) You definitely need to run buy one.


honcho 01-24-2009 07:23 PM

I think Mr Pigs also

wittdog 01-24-2009 07:24 PM

Ok keep in mind I’ve only done two cooks on the Big WSM so far and its been cold here so the conditions are less then ideal…but seeing how I cook in the cold a is what it it is…

Smoke flavor is good…
Temp control isn’t bad…but…

I’ve been using water in the pan and lump…..which might be some of the problem with the fuel use….
The big WSM is a fuel pig it uses a lot of fuel compared to the smaller one…I would think that 12hrs is going to be about the best you are going to get on one load of fuel…..and reloading it is not as easy as the little one…even if you put handles on it…it would probably take two people to take the mid section off and reload…the big door makes it a little easier to add charcoal with it assembled but after you add charcoal you need to worry about the fire getting out of control….I seem to be filling up the water pan a lot..I’m going to try a few things on my next cooks and see how it goes

Given a choice between loading up the big one for a massive but cook and firing up both small wsms I would use the small ones…

The Big one Shines when it comes to cooking ribs…shorter cooks but you can spread the ribs out and cook full racks.

The big one is nice to have as an option but I wouldn’t get rid of my smaller ones for the long cooks.
Clean up is no worse than the little one….

Griff 01-24-2009 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by Bruce B
Cappy as far as I know Witt is the only one on this board who has the new big one, I could be wrong though.

Actually, mine just got here today. It's still in the box as I just picked it up a half hour ago. Pics tomorrow. The box is HUGE.

I got a big quandry now. Do I break it in next week on the Frozen Few cook, or stick with the smoker I know well? It's nice to have these kinds of problems.

Bruce B 01-24-2009 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by honcho
I think Mr Pigs also

He don't count. :lol: :lol:

Unity 01-24-2009 09:06 PM

There's a fairly thorough evaluation of the 22" WSM on TVWB, including descriptions of several test cooks with various loads of meat.

(Don't put the 18" WSM on craigslist. I expect to see people using both at comps, maybe two 18" and one 22".)

Cliff H. 01-24-2009 11:04 PM

Somebody smoke something without the water pan.

Pigs On The Wing BBQ 01-25-2009 05:51 AM

It's a lump hog in the cold. Might not be so bad when it's 80 out. :wink: :lol:


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