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Well, I am a little bias here. I like Wolfe Rub Original on my ribs and chicken. Steaks I go with Dizzy pigs "Cow Lick" or Sucklebusters rub. My spice cabnit is over flowing with rubs. Some I love, some I dont. Sauces I make my own but do use a few "comercial" sauces as a base.

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Please specify a meat...I use different rubs and sauces for
everything I cook. and I do use plenty of commercial stuff.
Where you from, and what's your background? Regional
differences are important to try to find what you're looking for.

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Originally Posted by Tour de Que
I'm not too picky (although, I have yet to make a mustard sauce that I really like).
For mustard sauce, order some Rev. Marvin's. He advertises on here and his sauce is great. If nothing else, a couple of bottles will teach you what a good mustard sauce should taste like.
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welcome Tour de Que ! You'll find a handful of guys on here that make and sell rubs, each a little different from the other and none of them bad. For pork it's hard to beat Wolfe Original. It's a nice combo af sweet and back heat with a touch of cinnamon. Larry nailed that one. ddog has a few too. His basic rub, apple and maple are all really good. Dizzy Pig has quite a few to choose from and they actually have a sampler pack that might be worth your while. I have a cabinet full of rubs from the guys on here...and honestly because of that I havent really experimented with making my own. You might look through the "reviews" section on here. Many of them have been reviewed in detail. That might be more of what youre searching for.
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don't know much about Idaho, but I reckon you're tastes
are gonna lead more towards Kansas City style.
That means cumin rubs and thick tomato sauces.

A good base for any sauce you wanna doctor up is
Sweet Baby Rays. I use it in my sauce, and I'm an
eastern Carolina guy. That means I like vinegar and
pepper thin sauce.

for ribs, I do prefer a thicker sauce that clings more to the
meat...again, Sweet Baby Ray's is an excellent starting point
to make a thicker sauce more to your liking.

For chicken, I like a tangy sauce that is popular in this area
called John Boy and Billy's. They are radio guys out of Charlotte,
and you can order their sauce over the net. However, its vinegary,
mustardy and tomatoey, a little sweet. May be too much for your tastes.

One of the great things about getting into bbq is trying all the different
flavors...experiment and enjoy!
The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine - Abraham Lincoln
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These guys are giving you good advice. The advertisers have made me lazy, so that I tend to use ready-made rather than mix my own. If you're anything like me, you'll be buying a variety of recommended rubs and sauces to try out, and you'll eventually end up with storage issues. If you've been thinking about an addition to your house, now would be a good time to get started. Make sure there's plenty of room for your new rubs, sauces, and spices, knives and cutting boards, foodsaver and extra bags, grinder, stuffer, slicer, oh, and a freezer, maybe a spare fridge ...

(And a partially covered patio or deck for all your different pits and grills ... )
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I tend to use "Headcountry All Purpose Rub" on just about everything that needs rubbing. Also use their regular sauce for a chicken glaze. You can normally find their sauce at Wally World but not the rub

For a rib glaze and table use I like "Texas Rib Rangers Spicy"

For painting a little sauce on the backside of brisket slices afore turn in I like "Bullseye Texas Mesquite Flavor" available at most grocery stores.

I can smell Sweet Baby Ray's sauce and it makes me start puking. Sometimes it make me puke just looking at it. Hope this helps.

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I've use some of Dave Klose rubs and like them.
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Tour de Que,

Welcome to the forum. This is great place. I seem to like rubs that have sugar in them...and so does the family.

The two favorites are Wolfe Rub (I probably should order some since it has been since it was packaged in vacuum bags)

and TexasBBQRub.
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Lots of restaurants use Cattlemens & ajust to taste, You can buy it anywhere.
I have gotten hooked on Blueplate BBQ sauce concentrate. A food service only sauce & not sold in stores. Its avalible from Reily foods in Lafayette La by phone

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