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Originally Posted by Finney
Well first... Fill up that damn charcoal ring and stop thinking like a ceramic owner. LOL You need about 3 baseball sized chunks of wood in there.
They do seem a bit heavy on the fuel usage, so I'll follow your advice. Don't want anyone to claim I ain't doing my part to increase my carbon footprint.

I never allow the meat to get to room temp before the cook. I know some folks do but I try to avoid that. Out of the icebox and onto the smoker is what I do. The meat is typically at 38* when the probe goes in. Maybe I should stick the meat in the freezer when I start the cooker? That should give it a good half hour to get close to frozen on the outside.

Thanks for all the advice. I got a bunch of apple limbs so I'll make sure that there is at least 3 fist sized chunks in the box next cook.


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Use Red #9 dye.

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Originally Posted by BchrisL
IMHO, I suspect the smoke ring is caused my the carbon monoxide in high concentrations inside the cooking chamber. So it stands to reason the the more airtight the interior of the cooker the higher concentration of CO the more defined the smoke ring.

This is just a pet theory of mine, don't get your panties in a bunch I ain't saying it like its is a proven fact......BOY!
The proven fact is, that the smoke ring is caused by the nitrates and the nitrites in the wood smoke causing a reaction in the myoglobin in the cells of the meat, this creates the red of a smoke ring, the reaction works best across a wet transfer surface, so moisture in your pit is important, (once the meat is on a WSM, try and keep the temperature above the boiling point of water, and don't open the lid for any reason for the first 3 hours).

Don't forget if you are smoking to make things look good for un-bbq-educated friends and family, that there's more than one way to create a "good" smoke ring, you can always fake it if you want to.

To fake a smoke ring, give the meat a covering of Morton's Tender Quick, or Prague #1 powder or even Salt Peter, allow it to stand 25 - 30 minutes wash it off, add your rub and smoke the meat, you'll get a remarkable smoke ring using this technique...but is it BBQ?
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No slather or other binder. Just Rub.

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