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Your Texas roots is crying out for a mop/sop. Here is the one I use or a close proximity thereof. Since I am a natural born thrifty cheapie skate Texican I dont like to use up too much high dollar Lea n Perrins and this one calls for a bunch. Sometimes I dump a little black coffee down in there (Smart thinning Larry Also watch the bay leaves. This old Jetton boy has sort of a Bay Leaf Fetish. My Mama used to work for him back in the real early 70's. Now I have got ahold of some which makes thangs taste good and some which make things taste like Vick's Salve. Fortunantly a few years Joe Ames sent me a bag of them things about as big as a throw pillow and they are outta sight tasty. He claim they last me the rest of my life if they stay air tight in the dark. So far he has been right. Guess a person could overdo it with even good Bay Leafs..I am still super cautious..lest it be taking on the characteristics of yankee Eyetalian Food if they put their mind to it but not as easy as if you buy some at Kroger. Now I will tell you how to use the mop/sop for free..only twenty bucks for shipping and handling. Let me know.



[quote=Cliff H.]
Originally Posted by "Larry Wolfe":240kdspw
I think you are doing too much when you're cooking briskets.
I agree. I am trying to make a brisket that has lots of sugar based flavor....but my Texas roots keep telling me that it is not right and needs something.

I will let you know when I hit it. [/quote:240kdspw]

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Originally Posted by Larry Wolfe
Cliff the brisket sure looks good!

I think you are doing too much when you're cooking briskets. I see you like experimenting, but I think you may be happier with a simple brisket. Either with a salt, pepper and garlic rub or just a plain bottled rub. Try cooking one like that and then if you feel you need more flavor in the end, mix leftover coffee or coke with the natural brisket juices and reduce down by half and pour that over the slices. The simplicity of the brisket juice mixed with whatever you rub it with plus the coffee or coke really works well with beef in my opinion.
Hey Larry,

I like to use Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper. Both bring an element of sweet to the table.

Good Q!


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- Ted Nugent.
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