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Yeah Hillybilly I just poking your eye and pushing your laig a little on the grey spot. Mighta been some drunk Hilly Billy who get his greasy thumb print on the camera lens Who knows or cares? Now I normally consider chuck a wet cooked type food best left to the wimmen in the house..or else run through the grinder for some good burgers or chili meat. Don't even get me started on stew. I take chuck anyday for that. Well the warden happen to bump into these CAB grade chuck "steaks supposedly" which was on the verge of the expiry date. Cooked em like a Ribeye and they come out great..nice n tender etc. Off the charts flavorful. Thinking you bumped into something close to that. Do you buy it at Albertsons by any chance? Know they have some kinda proprietary brand which supposed to turn Select into Kobe..or some other such nonsense. Tom Thumb (Safeway) calls their counterpart Rancher's Reserve. Guess it designed to land in betwixt Select and Choice. Supoosed to leave it hanging two weeks extry or something like that. Know it a lot cheaper than CAB which sorta skeers me. Might save some grief for a person to drive over to Sams and buy Choice. I know Choice sirloins from there are edible without breaking out the pressure cooker. Whutcha think?


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Got these at china mart (aka walmart) ain't got a decent butcher shop round these parts no more. Our feller retired bout geez 8 years ago? Sad day that was! We got a couple round here what calls themselves a meat locker, ain't nothin but prepacked stuff fer them that don't know no better.

Be why I'm tryin ta revive some a the old ways round here. Makin bacon, hams an such. Folk er learnin. I just can't get to big to fast cause I ain't gonna quit the state job, got to many years in ta give it up now.

Figure this be a nice side after I retire.

The meat at china mart ain't to bad ifin ya pick through it. I ain't buyin there tyson spareribs, they suck! Buy Smithfield ribs when I can get em.

Fraid the old days er goin fast, folk interested in fast an easy, not always good. Sure do miss the good ol days!

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