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Reheating Pork

My wife and I are providing some pulled pork for our friends' couples baby shower (30 people). Here is the catch, the shower is on Saturday at 11 and I work a solid 60 hours Monday-Friday. I am new to the BBQ game and am not comfortable letting something smoke overnight without keeping an eye on the temp. If I smoke the butts the Sunday prior to the event, what is the best way to reheat the meat the day of? Usually I just nuke a plate of leftovers for myself, but it seems to steam out a some of the flavor and I really want to hit one out of the park here. Any suggestions? Is a week in the fridge pushing my luck?


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Re: Reheating Pork

I think a week in the fridge is pushing it if you're wanting others to eat it. I suggest once you have it pulled, put it in the freezer. That'll stop all the bad magumbo from growing on it. Pull it out of the freezer Thursday morning and place in the fridge. Saturday morning, put it in the oven at 250* at about 7:30 AM to reheat. Your goal is to get the temp back up above 160* (for at least a few minutes). If you're concerned with it drying out, put some apple juice or pork broth in the pan to keep it moist.

Hope you knock it out of the park!

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Re: Reheating Pork

Vacum seal 2-3 lb packages and freeze. reheat by either :
1st and best way: simmer the FS bags unopened in a pot of water for 20-30 min.

2nd and not as good but will work way : Thaw the bags in water and nuke the unopened bags for 2 min at a time until the meat is hot. Kneed after each 2min round. This will take approximatley 2-3 min per lb depending on power of microwave.
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Re: Reheating Pork

What Cliff said. I keep 15 to 20 pounds of pulled pork in 5 pound FS bags in the deep freezer. I just add apple juice and let it soak in a tad before I put it in the freezer. Never fails, some putz will call 4th of July weekend and want pulled pork on a Saturday. If I have the big pit fired up what's the difference of doing 4 butts as to a case or two. As Wittdog sez, the clean up is the same. A week in the fridge? Don't think I would take a chance on that. Better to be safe than sorry as someone can get sick.
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Re: Reheating Pork

Yup, what Cliff said, then I put it inta a crock pot, fer small deals like that, add a bit a apple cider if it starts ta dry out on ya. Will work just fine.
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Re: Reheating Pork

Thanks for the help! Freezer it is. I will make an attempt to post some pictures when the time comes.
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Re: Reheating Pork

This is good stuff to know. I posted it in the cooking tips section of my cook book, thanks guys. Good question Dry Rubber
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Re: Reheating Pork

I’ve done catering gigs where I made a lot of shoulders a week prior. I only cooked them to about 180-190. I foiled and once they cooled I put them in the freezer. I defrosted them in the fridge and then reheated at about 375-400, to 160 on cite. I add a bit of Stubbs pork marinade to the foil first. Reheating takes about 1 to 1.5 hours I pulled em and they were pretty darn perfect.
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Re: Reheating Pork

That Cliff is a smart man!
I hope this isn't negative!
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Re: Reheating Pork

I wrap the butt and freeze them when I got something big coming up, the thaw them a little and reheat. Sometimes I put them back on the Lang to reheat, if not I got a BQGrills gas pig cooker that I use. Either way they come out tasting just as good as the first day.

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