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Pulled and Sliced Butts

Going on vacation this coming week and the wife wanted to carry some pulled pork to make sandwiches for lunches. Picked up three butts and smoked two of em to pull and one to slice. Rubbed them down with mustard and Klose Butt Rub. Cooked the one to slice to to internal 190 and the two that we pulled to 202. Would like some input on the sliced one if it's sliced to thick or if I cooked it to long. Vacum seal the pulled meat and heading to the freezer with it so it will be frozen to travel with.


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I've never made sliced butt, but when I was looking into cooking buts I think they say to cook it to about 165 or so for slicing, and about 195-205 for pulled. I believe thats right, if not, Im sure I'll be corrected.

The pics look great though. I think you guys should head west on vacation. Make your first stop Longview, Texas!!!!

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Are yall comin to Texas for vacation? Oh Yeah? I'll take two then...
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What kind of flavor does that Klose rub have ?

Is it a sweet rub ?

Food looks great.
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Well I aint never even heard of that pulled and pushed pork deal till abut 5 year ago. Back in the good old days when trying to keep up with the beer and whiskey drinking Chezks and trying to shovel mesquite coals while shooting dice...it was considered over cooked mush if you can tear it up with plastic forks. Now dont even get started on pushed chickens. Now that is really sick. Im purty sure not even Osama Husseine Barocka or Sick Willy will admit any culpabilty on that deal. If you want to slice pork bring it up to about 180...now me personally can live with with 190 to 195...my speciality is sliceable butts. The clan calls it unsalty ham. Now is that kinky or whut? Now whut was your question again? Thanks. Sorry this is so long and windy.

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Oh my, drinking whiskey and shooting dice. I had to give that up -- well the dice part anyway.
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Cliff, the Klose rub has more of a earthy tone to it...not sweet...you can smell the herbs and spices in it for sure. Aside from WRO Klose is one of my favorites for sure!

I usually pull my butts at 190-195 for pulling...I thought slicing would be at a lower temp but I'm not sure.
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When we want it sliced we take it no further than 180.

Thats some fine looking food!


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If you refrigerate a butt cooked to 200* it will slice real nice. Nuke the resulting sammy till warm and you have a bit of heaven.
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Looks great to me

What you called it BW? Unsalty ham?

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