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[Seen some that sure look GOOD, like this Wagyu brisket, I'd love to try one of those ...


Done one once and there wasn't enough difference to justify the cost. Mar52, lessoned learned and your next time will be great!

Chris Shores

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I cooked a couple of wagyu briskets a few years ago. Cost me 90 bucks each shipped. Best brisket I've ever cooked or tasted. The judges hated it. I'd do it again if I ran across some money that didn't have to go into my mortgage.

Good Q!


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are you trying to cook flats or whole packers? If it is a flat cut, make sure you get one with as much fat cap on it as possible and don't trim it. Also, get a flat cut that is as thick as possible. When cooking flats, I find it best to cook them at 225-240(if possible) and yes, cook indirect ... when the internal temp of the flat hits 170, I foil it and put it back on, when it hits 195, wrap it again and put it in a warm cooler for 2 hours minimum, then, pull out and open the foil a bit and let rest 15-20 minutes and slice across the grain. I have had consistant results cooking flats this way.

If not planning to serve the flat that day... keep wrapped and put in the coldest part of the Fridge overnight... this slow cooling will allow all those juices to get pulled back into the meat... slice the next day cold and reheat slices in the microwave. some will scoff at this because you are not cooling the meat per health department regulations and will argue that the meat is in the "danger zone" too long... BUT I have never had problems since it stays closed in the foil and I believe all bacteria have been eliminated by this point since the meat has been brought to such high temps and you are not exposing it... but that is just my theory.

Whole packers on the other hand can stand to be on longer without the foil if you desire a more crunchy bark. Although, foiling at 170 is not discouraged in my book if you have the color you want and don't mind bark that is not crusty. I personally don't like to separate the point from the flat at any point like some do... I like the fat content of the point and tend to just slice it along with the flat. Packers are great for more fat content and flavor, BUT they do take quite a bit longer than flats do.

sorry for the long winded post... just trying to help.
Gary Cline
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Take a look at this tank job. But we could eat it.

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HAHAHA! Mine was that color all the way through. It was a solid block of black.

I was cooking a flat, but I forgot about the indirect part.

Next time!

They're getting $3.99 a pound right now for brisket in my market. I'll let someone else buy it until it comes down in price.
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Gary, I forgot to thank you for your tips. I've saved them!

Big Green EGG!
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