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Originally Posted by Woodman
I hate to, but I agree with Larry.

Pigs, what the hell temp are you cooking at that gets spares done in "4-5 hours!!!!?????"
Who knows Dave. you know I don't use no stinking thermometers. It's got to be about 275 or a little more. Works for me.

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Hey guys, I dont mean to point out the obvious but it sounds like he did the 1, 2, 3 metod.
I put 2 racks of St Louis style ribs on my Traeger this w/e.
the 1st hr on smoke (which is around 200 or less)
the nexr 2 hrs on 225.
I foiled for 2 hrs maybe 2 hrs 15 min on 225. When I took them out of the foil, the meat was pulling back from the bone okay, but the ribs where falling apart.
Try 3 hours in the smoker at 240, 2 hours in foil at 240 then 1 hour finishing out of the foil at a little higher temp. 3, 2, 1. Hope this helps.

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Looks good to me.

I've been using a Traeger the last few days and I'm wondering how you adjust the heat. I'm using a Lil Tex with a switch that says Hi, Medium and Smoke.

Also, when you say foil, are you wrapping the ribs totally? Putting a tent over them? Is this on the grill or off?

I'm just learning and this place and the people here are wonderful.

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When I foil, I take two racks of spares (three racks of BB's) and stack them before wrapping one way, then the other in two sheets of HD foil appx 30" long.Wrap them as tight as possible. Save the juice that accumulates to put into your sauce.
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Originally Posted by Pigs On The Wing BBQ
Never got the "foil" thing. I just go bone down, 4-5 hrs later, done. But I cook on the beater pit direct.

Hay, that's Jokers old buggy in the pic too. Wish that moron would Join again. Great guy.
Some fine looking ribs Pigs. I'm with you - no Texas crutch for me.

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& sorry if this is a double post-I checked could be slow
tuff- maybe the ends a little tuff. But when you tried to pick them up with tongs, they fell apart, no way they'd hold together for 90 degree test

my Traeger I added the auto temp control. at 225 it keeps it around 200-240

I think it is the weight, I bought a box from a packer already trimmed st louis style, they do look a little lean

I think I'll try 3 -1- whatever need to finish to get them to a 90 degree bend.

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good point

but I left the membrane on, ( I meant to take it off but forgot) & I don't think the butcher took it off.

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