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First Cook on my WSM 4th of July

This is from the 4th of July, my first cook on my new WSM. St. Louis ribs and a fatty. I did the 4-1-1 method on the ribs and stuffed the fatty with cheese, jalapenos, orange peppers, and mushrooms, a touch of maple syrup on the outside and then covered with the rib rub. Here's the pics.

Trimmed and Rubbed

Almost finished

And Done

Ready to cut up


Ready to eat

Final Thoughts:
I thought it went fairly smooth for my first time.

I lit one chimney of Kingsford and dropped one more chimney full of unlit on top and let it burn til ashy, then added some cherry and apple wood. Took about an hour to get the temp down to 300 degrees and then I added the 4 racks straight from the fridge.

Adjusted the vents slightly through cooking but was able to maintain temps between 225 and 250. I let them go 4 hours, then foiled for 1 hour in OJ and then about 45 minutes out of the foil while basting the last 1/2 hour.

In the meantime the fatty went on for about the last 2 hours and got to internal temp of 160.

Everything tasted great. My trim on one rack was a little short and missed some cartilage. The bottom racks finished a little faster with more pullback but the flavor and texture on all the racks was great.

Thanks to everyone here, as I couldn't have made this as successful without all the contributions and ideas from this board.


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Great looking grub!
Nice bark on the bones.

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looks great...hope you can afford the new addiction!
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Congratulations. Very nice first cook with an unfamiliar smoker. A few more cooks and you'll have it pretty well mastered.

Nearly everybody here who cooks in a WSM uses some variation of the Minion Method -- unlit charcoal and smoke wood in the ring, as much as you'll need for the cook, topped with ~15-20 lit briquets. This lets you control the temp as it rises, instead of having to fight it down from too high.

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WoW, I'd sat they came out awesome for the first time. Killer job Q-in!!!
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That's a great first cook, I think your hooked.
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Nice job on your 1st cook. Looked like you had been doing it awhile in the pics. I bet that fatty was awesome.
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Very nicely done.

You jumped right in with a cut of pork that has a very small window between undercooked and overcooked.
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Very well done for a first cook on a new smoker. Actually very well done period.
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Nice job!

I hope this isn't negative!
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