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Does size really matter? (For brisket that is)

Im trying to dial in a brisket recipe for competition. No matter what I do, I cannot get the Sam's club flats to retain the moisture that I want. Here is what I am doing:

Start with a 6 to 7lb brisket flat.
Trim off all but about 1/4" of the fat cap.
Inject with Fab-B, rub first with yellow mustard then Dizzy Pigz Cow Lick.
Sit for 8 hours in fridge
let come up to room temp (2 hours)
Put into smoker until temp hits 165
foil tightly in aluminum pan with 1 cup apple juice.
put back into smoker until 195
Let rest in Cambro's for about an hour
cut, serve and reserve juices from bottom of foil pan to pour over slices.

Without adding the extra juices, it's much more dry then I would like.
I'm thinking the smaller brisket's dry out quicker and there is not much that can be done about that. Should I be starting with larger, packer briskett's for comepetition?


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Re: Does size really matter?

Try somewhere other than Sam's maybe??
We have no Sam's here...but that would be an easy way to determine if the product is the factor.

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Re: Does size really matter?

we only cook Packers for competition.

I cook a ton of flats for catering though. I trim no fat off the flats. cook til 165 or 170 wrap in foil back on til 195 wrap again, 2 hours in cambro, .... for catering, I let cool overnight in the fridge, but if I were to comp with flats, I would let sit out for 20 min or so to let soak up juices again.

for either case, make sure you are getting choice grade or better

and... I do prefer a larger cut to a smaller one in either case
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Re: Does size really matter?

Well I dont play well with flats but will dittos Gary in that most flats I have met can't spare much fat trimming cuz they aint got near enough to start with. A curious phenomenon I noted when using fab the critter chunk often requires much higher terminal temps than the un fabbed models. I have got some briskets up to 210-220 before they finally died and gave up. If your just poking them blind at 195 and headed for the hot gonna be chunking some chewy models in there..and they are gonna come out chewy too. Make it pass the poke test. If your drinking get some sober person to poke it. Drunk people have a tendency to think it has tendered up when it aint. Or thats whut I heard anyway. No first hand expuriences of course.

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