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Chicken Thighs

OK so I got the camera out this time, and snapped a few pictures of Saturday's cook. You could consider this a storyboard if you were planning to video this as a segment.

There is a Wegman's that has opened up in the neighborhood, so we decided to drop by. They had some fresh chicken thighs.

I decided to smoke them using Szeged Chicken Rub, olive oil, and lime juice.

Into the zip-lock freezer bag they go for a while.

Meanwhile, out on the deck, I loaded the egg with some Royal Oak and set it burning with the weed burner.

The vented top was set open.

And the air control was set at about an inch until

The internal temps were abut 290, after which I closed it down to almost nothing to keep the temps under 250.

While the egg was heating, I went back inside and prepared the roasting pan. I hate cleaning the pan.

So I use some HD foil to line the inside.

First form it on the outside of the pan...

The transfer it to the inside of the pan and finish molding it around the edges.

place the rack on top

Then on go the marinated chicken thighs.

I just bought one of these remote sensing thermometers that tell both the meat temps and the oven temps.

Into "daddy's big piece of chicken" it goes.

It is a little hard to see on the thumbnail, but the oven temp sensor clips in the middle of the pan.

I also put a mark on the oven temp sensor so I can plug it into the correct input of the remote transmitter.

This is the reading I was getting right after I put the thighs on. You will notice the temp right around the chicken is 247F and the chicken is at 112F.

I then sprinkled a generous supply of apple chips in the egg,

Just before I place the chicken thighs in the egg. LOTS OF SMOKE, and then I closed it up to do its magic.

After the chicken went on I had time to prepare some eggplant.

Melody added some bell peppers to the mix.

Back outside, I added some salt and pepper to the eggplant after a dip in a bowl of olive oil.

After they had browned on both sides, I sprinkled Parmesan cheese over all and let it melt before serving.

These are the thighs at about 190 and just before serving. There was much feasting and merriment was had by all!


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AWESOME... very informative... Thanks for sharing!!!

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Very informative!
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Wow nice pictorial!!

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Wow again!
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Good job Chris. I especially appreciated the BGE settings. I'm still learning on mine. You see, I'm a slow learner.
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Very nice cook & pictures

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Nice pic's & great looking food
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yeah real good job.
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Nice pictorial.

Were the thighs still nice and moist at 190 internal?

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