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Butt as 'chuck'

A recent cook:

I wanted to cook a butt much like I might cook a beef chuck roast, i.e., rubbed and smoked at low-mid 300s grate temps then foiled with aromatics and other stuff. I wanted to take it to tender but not pullable--I was looking for a finish whereby the butt could be cut into larger, tender chunks and served atop rice with the other foil ingredients piled on and then drizzled with the juices retained in the foil.

So, that in mind: I rubbed a 9-lb bone-in butt with salt then applied over it a rub of granulated garlic and onion, thyme, sage, Aleppo, ground NM chile, coriander, some sugar, clove, allspice, nutmeg and ginger.

I smoked the butt in the WSM (hickory over lump) at ~340 lid for 2 hours then fashioned a 'pan' out of doubled HD foil for use later in the cook. Also, meanwhile, I sliced 4 large white onions and minced a half-dozen garlic cloves. I reduced 1.5 c of cheap white wine with 1/4 c white balsamic and a splash of dry sherry till it was 50% of the original volume and reserved it.

To the onion slices I added about 8 dried pineapple rings, halved, and a dozen slices of dried mango and tossed them together. When the butt had smoked, I put 3/4 of the onion-fruit mix on the foil, set the butt atop, tucked one halved fresh bay leaf into each side of the pile, topped the butt with the rest of the onion-fruit mix mix, then drizzled the wine reduction over all and topped the package with another piece of foil, sealing well all around but leaving plenty of space around and over the butt (to hold the liquid that the onions and butt would give up).

The foiled butt was returned to the cooker (~350-360 lid) for another 2 hours at which point I pulled it out to rest while I got the sides together. The butt, as expected, needed to be knife-cut and this I did for serving; some large-ish chunks with some smaller rubbed edge chunks as well. Good meal.

The butt, partially chunked:

Plated, over rice, topped with the onions, pineapple and mango chunks, minced garlic (that virtually dissolves into the liquid), and the de-fatted liquid from the foil (captured post-cooking and allowed to separate during the resting time); with fresh steamed grean beans (local!) kissed with a hint of garlic:


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Pork Butt
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Great looking meal. What was the final internal temp?

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Great looking meal Kevin.
How was the tenderness of the pork? Final internal temp? How long was the actual cook time? How long did it rest?

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Good looking plate. Like others, what was internal temp, etc?


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I didn't take an internal temp. The cook was a bit over 4 hours; the rest time was ~20 min.

The meat was tender and juicy but, of course, not fall-apart tender as one would get with a butt that cooked to a pullable point. It was much like butt that is cooked for slicing instead of pulling (to temps in the 170s as I expect the temp would have been, had I checked), but cut into chunks intstead of sliced. Naturally, the fat that separates the muscles was still present but easily trimmed. The butt certainly could have cooked longer if a pullable consistency was desired.

The onion/garlic/dried pineapple/dried mango mix was exceptional and I'll be doing this again, no question.
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Looks Great!! That is a very interesting receipe.
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Looks good..if you'd have done that last week when I was just around the corner from you, I could have come down and ate and drank your beer !!

Was the meat as tender as you wanted it to be ?
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Looks great Kevin....Mango and pineapple musta been great on the pork!
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Very interesting and tasty looking.
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that is a fine looking meal


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Thanks all. (Great quote Diva.)

Scotty, the fruits was great in it. I opted for dried over fresh so that they would maintain some integrity after braising; as you'd expect, fresh fruits would have disintegrated during braising, especially the pineapple. Though dried fruits become hydrated, soft and tender during braising, they're better able to retain their shape (with some correlated texture) and they did so here.

Had my dried pepper package arrived sooner than the day after the cook I would likely have added a couple aji amarillos. Those would have worked wonderfully with the fruits.
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That looked really good, great new idea.

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