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burgers suck at 160 degrees internal temp

Hi All,

I used to cook a nice burger. I never got sick and did it by eyeballing. Sure sometimes I wouldn't nail it though.

Some time ago I started experimenting with thermometers. But 160 degrees (the recommended temp) dries out the burger.

I understand there are risks with ecoli and all, but perhaps I should shoot for a lower temp and longer cooking period.

Has anyone devised a systematic way to approach a safe and delicious burger on a webber grill?



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Well when I make burgers, I always add finely minced onion to the meat before hand. I also use 80/20. Make the burgers thick, this will add extra cooking time to the meat. Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT press the burgers, this will squeeze the juices right out of the meat. After you have taken them off the grill let them rest for a few minutes to draw in the juices that were expelled while cooking. Another thing, if you cook to 150°, after you take the burger off the heat, it will continue to cook another 5-10°.

Normally when I cook burgers, I will start them off on a high heat fire, get them nice and seared on both sides (maybe 2 minutes on each side) them remove them from the heat and finish cooking them indirectly.

Good luck next time.

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Great Burgers

I love burgers cooked to around 130 degrees internal and I feel the only safe way to do this is to grind your own burger. I also feel that the very best burgers must contain about 40% fat to remain juicy and have the best flavor.

I start with something like chuck roast which is about 20% fat and then add another 20% fat as I grind the meat.

The meat will have some white color in it when the fat content is right.

14 pounds of the best burger you will ever use for sandwiches.

I cook this meat to no more than medium rare and it is wonderful.

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What Old Dave said, grind your own, make em thick and don't squish em down.
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