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Originally Posted by Kloset BBQR
The main reason, $3 or $4/lb for salt water greatly enhances the bottom line!
Ya jus' learned a cheap lesson. Ya' coulda' bought a case!

Another thing to beware of. While the FDA mandates the packers have to label meat as enhanced apparently they don't mention that the stores can stick their price labels over the warning. My local Kroger stores sell enhanced product and Always!!! stick the price label over the Solution Added stickers.

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Do you think the reason they were $2.50/lb vs. $4.50/lb is because they were enhanced? I guess I am going back to spares... they are priced right...The part that pissed me off was that I was wanting to taste some real ribs with the new rubs I got and Swamp Sauce... It's all for a reason. Today I am feeding a bunch of old salty dogs some pinto beans with enhanced baby back ribs mixed in.. They will never know and gobble the whole pot up and fart all day and night ENHANCELY

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Yes sir, got yerself some brined ribs ya did. I won't buy enhanced ribs, also won't by tyson brand, ain't never had no luck with either!

Smithfield is the spare of choice round here. Decent meat, cheaper then tyson an always good eatin.

Tryin ta set up a deal with the local packin plant ta buy from them. Hope that works out.

Just watch out fer them little enhanced stickers, there there, but not always where ya can see em!
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Well as yall know I hate to be redundant all over again but I will tell this story one mo time just to make sure. We was cooking at least once a month and most times twice for several years. We was doing fair in fact hit 2nd out of 47th in our 2nd cookoff. Hat wouldnt fit on my haid for weeks Then I started to listen to knuckleheads such as your selves berate pumped ribs and I got to believing it. So I spent two years driving half way across Foat Wuth (its a big town) to buy unpumped ribs. Went two years making the trip once or twice a month. Got nary a smell in ribs during that time frame. Ribs number one was cooked by pals at someplace we was I was rummaging through their trash (don't laugh I know a guy who charges folks five bucks to dig through his trash) I accidentally happen to notice they were cooking pumped to the gills Hormels. I say to myself..Hey dumbass why don't we go by some Hormels? Well as luck might have it they was on sale for .99 at Super I buy 9 racks for about 50 bucks. Stuck em in the freezer and use em two at a time for cookoffs. I put the pencil two it and over about the next six months or so it come up to winning about a thousand bucks on that 50 bucks worth or pumped ribs. Monty and myself is the only ones in this thread who got any sense. He must have some Texas jeans in their somewhere. Now whut planet Sapo come from I aint quite shore As my old neighbor pal's step Daddy would say to us occasionally..."Yall are sillier than a tree full of *ss holes." Just my .02 of course. Now if yall actually eat this stuff cook whut want by all means. It very unhealthy. I just heard it on TV this morning. Also milk will kill ya...which I learned many moons ago. Drink Soy Milk or Almond Milk if you got money.


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