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All I know i better read next time because I don't like that flavor on ribs.. Thanks yall...

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Hey SS thanks for posting so others can learn by others mistakes

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You have learned the age old lesson that cheaper isn't always better, but at least you put them to good use in the beans!!
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I hate enhanced meat. I can tell a huge difference when I have used it.

Larry, cant wait for the WRB my wife ordered for me for Xmas. Good stuff.

On edit: Recieved my 4 bottles yesterday!
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hello sappo :)-

Yer choice was like they said was treated... go to a butcher and get to know his and his kids and dog... your friendship will get the freshest meat around... no extras ans more meat. IMHO spares are best as they have lots of meat and the extra of rib-tips for munchin on an hour after you start cooking, and darn good for beans(less cutting). them tips and a couple of ribs fills up most folks making your spread go farther. Then you add some ABT's and Moinks and Fatties...WOW!
I know i've said everything everybody said but it good advice...high dollar clients or not, everybody likes tid-bits as soon as they get to a party...
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I would also add that the majority of the general public doesn't know that you have the option of getting enhanced or fresh meats. They just buy what's on the shelf and figure that's the only choice they have!

Of course, us fancy sophisticates know better than that!!
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If you can try IBP backs they are not enhanced and are very consistently good.

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I just bought what was on the shelf since 2 weeks before my boss got some baby backs at the same commissary on the base and they rocked and didn't taste like ham. I can't believe that there are people out there that can't tell the difference tasting these enhanced ribs. I took one bite and it was over.I was cutting it for the video and that dark red meat with no smoke ring raised a red flag quickly.. Now I must say that they taste great mixed with pinto beans, but so does salt pork....
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I had a similar thing happen at a contest with some butts I was smoking. I got rushed and didn't even look to see if they were labled enhanced, as there were only 2 butts in the whole town, as far as I could find. Needless to say it was as close to a DAL as I have ever been. Second to last, and it would not suprise me if last place was a DQ'ed entry. Sad thing I got 1st place pork the previous contest just 2 weeks eariler.

It's my own fault waiting so long to pick up my meats. I go ahead and buy my poultry and pork a day ahead. Brisket I might buy even sooner, if I have my fridge working in the storage building.

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Don't EVER buy enhansed meat for smokin' cause they always turn out bad for me.

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