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Baby Back baby



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Re: Baby Back baby

Okay, couple does your butcher remove the membrane from prepackaged cryovac ribs? Next beef shoulder is chuck, why are you describing them as two different cuts? 2 hours in the smoke is too much, it'll make your food bitter? Are you insane? You taught me the spaghetti twist?t I saw in your last chuck cook the meat was try like a heroin addict turd and I told you to foil them next you are a foiling genius?? Bruce's Yams, regardless of what they call them are not PHUCKING YAMS, most Americans would not eat yams. They are sweet potatoes, same is a shoulder cut of beef is off the primal chuck. MORON! You got these Mosque watcher's that eat Camel meat watching, replying to your videos that have no PHUCKING clue and thing you're a genius. I could go on an on, but I have to take a Rempe.......

Larry Wolfe
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Re: Baby Back baby

Yum Yum BOY!!!
Feliz Navidad!!
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Re: Baby Back baby

Well Boy that looks real tasty. Fine job. Nice pic of Larry. Now he is technically right on the yam deal but it nit picking cuz in common useage folks dont know the difference. Sorta like twixt buffalo and bison and possum on the half shell. For instance most yankees dont know them are really Aramadillos. Now as far as buying debrained ribs in the cryo somebody gonna have to show me cuz I got kin which lives in Missourrii.

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Re: Baby Back baby

I'd eat them bones and yes, we also refer to em as sweet potatoes out here in my neck of the woods.
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