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aged brisket

OK. So from what I've heard a brisket should have aged about 40-45 days after the packed date.

Is aging just letting it sit in a cold fridge for that amount of time? Will it spoil?

thanks in advance!

Brad Maffett
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Well there is dry aging and wet aging; wet aging is allowing the meat to sit in it's original cryovac package in the refrig.

Dry aging is having the meat outside it's packaging ans sitting in a refrigerator at a certain temp and humidity for a longer period of time.

I'm not an expert on either and have just a basic knowledge of the process; if you google the terms there is plenty of information on the subject on the web.

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Hey Brad,

Wet aging is recomended. 45 days from the kill date.

It has to be kept in the original cryovac and be sure the vaccuum stays in tact. If the vaccuum breaks cook or freeze the cowpie immediatly.

You'll know as soon as you open it if it's spoiled.

Good Q!

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I was told dry aging ONLY takes place when the carcass is hanging whole. Actually a half carcass. Also like Bruce said with the right temp and humidity.
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Well I'am a firm believer in wet aging in the cryo. The standard guarhantee is the brisket will last at least 30 days from the packing date under propa refrigeration. Think the max time is a bit of a guessing game and is highly dependent on the temp of your icebox. If you got one which can hold a consistent 33 for example you can go longer than say a standard restaurant walk-in which can often be caught hovering around 50 close to the door once a few dozen folks has walked in and out of it. Another impotent factor is knowing the packing date which is written on the case they come unless a person has access to the info on the cardboard box they ain't going to know for sure when it was packed. For example our old Winn Dixie Stores wouldn't take delivery of any cryoed briskets unless they was at least 15 days old when they came in the door. The longest I have went is three weeks before chickening out. After about 30 days it has broken down about as much as it will break down (this be according to the eldest of the male chillins who is in the wholesale grocery bizness). Now he say on some primal cuts..shortloins etc. some of the fancy smancy steak houses will not accept them till they get 45 days old..but then their refrigerators are mo precise than whut we normally have access to. Whew..sorry this so long and windy

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