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Bigwheel's Cowtown Baloney

Bigwheel's Cowtown Baloney
*(Revised 11-27-04)

20 lbs any combo 80/20 beef chuck and/or untrimmed pork butts
10 T. TQ
5 T. White Pepper
6 T. Buttermilk Powder
2 T. Paprika
2 T. All spice
2 T. Nutmeg
2 T. Granulated Garlic
2 T. Onion Powder
1 T. MSG
2 t. Coriander
2 t. Ground Cloves
3 t. Caynenne
4 cups water

Mix all the spices in the water and put in the freezer while you cut up the meat to fit the grinder. Mix the cold spiced water with the meat and run it through on the fine plate and mix well again. Stuff into medium hog guts in 12" lengths or thereabouts. Let rest in the icebox uncovered overnight in meat lugs giving them an occasioinal shuffle so they all get exposed to the air and drain off any accumulated liquids from the bottom. Next day or when you get around to it..within two or three days max..hang them up and let them air dry for an hour or two. Put them in the smoker without smoke for about an hour at 130-140. Increase the heat to 175-180 and start adding smoke till they hit 153-155 internal. Immediately dunk or spray with cold water till cool to the touch.
* Last batch was smoked over Kingsford Mesquite Lump with occasional double handfuls of pee can shells turned out real good. Wimmen chillins..and yankees love the stuff cuz it aint hot. Is also a great base if you want to try your hand at making pickled baloney. Lazy boys and non-pork eaters can make an easy all beef version using preground chubs of 80/20 chuck.
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