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Greetings from North Pole Alaska.

Greetings all,
Just signed up. Im as green as lettuce. A total newbie to real BBQ cooking. I have grilled forever. And, I know that the 2 are totally different
I live on the edge of the frontier, outside North Pole in Alaska. Among other things, I am a home brewer, that is to say, I brew my own beer. Not no canned pre mixed stuff either. I have a mill and at present 300 pounds of grain. I mash, ferment, and bottle or keg. Ive actually got a couple bronze medals from a national sanctioned competition.
I have been looking for the natural extension, or next step, in my evolution. Creating my own BBQ to go with my specific beers, just seemed to be the natural progression. Then I saw BBQ Pitmasters on the TV, and thought, "wow, looks just like me when Im brewing beer, ceptin they are brewin BBQ".
And so, along with gun fever, gold fever, homebrew fever, remote camping fever, I have now just added a new hobby to be obsessed with, BBQ fever.
I started out just like this for my brewing. I went out and found the best online show/podcast I could, found the best forum, and started to absorb.
I found Gregs Radio show on Itunes. Totally superior to anything else out there. Nothing close in my opinion. That of course led me here.
Oh, I want to thank Greg. I had went out like most newbs, and bought an ECB at the local sportmans warehouse. As I assembled it, and started to come to the realization what a POS it was, my 8 year old said "dad, that looks pretty flimsy". I boxed it back up and decided to return it. On the way in, I started to listen to my Ipod, on which I dloaded Gregs entire radio show archieve. I had listened to the first episode, and was listening to the 2nd. When he got to the point where he said to the effect " let me warn you about one smoker that is junk...." I started to grin, and thought to myself, "gee, I wonder if I can guess which one it is" and he continues and names the ECB......
I felt justified. Even though I only had listened to 2 of Gregs shows, I liked the way he handled himself, and thought his word, agreeing with mine, backed my play.
Anyways, Im looking at the SMCs and such, and will buy soon.
Well, thats my long winded story in a nutshell. Now Im here, looking to learn, and planning on BBQing when we hit 50 below, just to show it can be done.
(I was in the infantry up here in the 80s, and I have done some things at 50 below that some folks have never done at 50 above. So, Im willing to try anything.)
That being said, hello to all, thanks for the forum, and
I bid you all a great day!

I have grilled at 50 below zero Fahrenheit.
BBQing at that temperature is only a matter of time......
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Re: Greetings from North Pole Alaska.

Welcome Medo, seems many of us come to this Forum the same way. I'm still working on almost three years of BBQC pod casts, and listen in my car any time I have a 40 or 50 minute drive. I'm sure if you have been following the Forum for any time you have seen Griff's posts, he too is from Alaska and is a "Senior Partner" on the Forum. I most recently made his meatloaf ... The guy know meatloaf as well as cold weather cooking. Welcome and well be anxious to see your 50° below cook ... we like pictures ... Do cameras work at 50° below?

Buzz Price
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Re: Greetings from North Pole Alaska.

Hi Medo...welcome to the forum! Glad you made your way here from the show! I love doing it and hearing that you have found some value in listening to it makes it all worth while for me! I am humbled that even one person would even bother to listen to thanks again for listening to it!

Feel free to jump in and ask anything you need help with...lots of info...but most importantly...these folks are the best. No attitudes, no egos (some smart-asses) just folks looking to help each other out!

See you in the smoke!
Host of The BBQ Central Radio Show
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Saint O'Que
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Re: Greetings from North Pole Alaska.

Welcome to the Ring Medo
Lookin' forward to your posts & pics of
your cooks ( and homebrews)!

" A Touch of Hickory * A Taste of the Blues "
Good Music * Good Food * Good Beer * Great Friends

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Re: Greetings from North Pole Alaska.

Welcome aboard Medo. Looking forward to your posts and seeing what it's like to smoke in -50* There's a lot of good info from everyone here on the forum, so you came to the right place to learn your new addiction. And I'm sure most will agree that beer and bbq go hand in hand.
Chris Shores

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Re: Greetings from North Pole Alaska.

Good to have you on Board Medo.
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Re: Greetings from North Pole Alaska.

Welcome to the forum.

Please tell Santa that I didn't get what I wanted.
" Never let a day go by "
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Re: Greetings from North Pole Alaska.

Hey welcome Medo. Thanks for your military service. Piddled around with making beer and wine over the years. Found it a fun hobby though maybe a bit labor intensive especially when it comes to washing all those crazy beer bottles. Last bout I snagged some 5 gallon SS soda cans with the propa fittings and made keg beer which I found much superior to trying to bottle the stuff up. Dont have to prime it to get the Co2 in it etc. Neva did get quite ambitous enough to graduate past the syrup kits. Dont be a stranger.

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Re: Greetings from North Pole Alaska.

Welcome Medo. Nice to have you with us. The transition from beer brewing to BBQ seems quite natural. Although, I kind of like a nice Jack Daniel's while I'm grilling.

Had a relative give me a cook book a couple of years ago titled "Great Food, Great Beer" It matched up different brews with the different recipes in the book. It was a great idea except it was put out by Anheuser-Busch so you can kind of see what its short comings were.

Anyway, food for thought. Good luck with the BBQ. You're in good hands here.
Smokey Lew
Riverside, California
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Weber Performer, black
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Re: Greetings from North Pole Alaska.


The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine - Abraham Lincoln
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