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for that crowd, I'd say you're right on target.

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Yep, I think you have that figured out right on the money.

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My take on the chicken part of the question is this, chicken doesn't cost as much as ribs or pulled pork, so why not load up on the chicken and down a little on the others?

If you do: -

1/4 chicken / person (25 chickens do 26).
2 ribs / person (17 racks, but as they are packaged in 3's do 18 racks).
5.33 Oz / portion (your 65 lbs will cover it with a little to spare), but with 2 ribs a 1/4 chicken I think you could lighten the pulled pork to 4 Oz and then you only need 46 lbs or say 50 lbs with some extras.

Not a big deal I know, but that is saving of $23 and change on the pulled pork, and $15 or so on the ribs, an extra $38.00 you wont be spending on the meat supplies. $95.00 + $131.00 + $77.00 = $303.00 so the $38.00 is a 12.5% saving in purchase costs, not a bad saving to find just by portion control!
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I think you have a good plan there Charlie... meat sounds about right.

But, I kinda agree with SoEzzy in a way... When I set up a buffet... I set the meat out first in line.. cause that is my prize... and almost always... I set the chicken out first... and, in turn, most everyone takes chicken. So, I would up the chicken count a bit, and like SoEzzy says.. it is cheaper than the other meats... put your most expensive meat last. But.. they will scarf up the ribs.. so, cut them in single bones and only replentish when they are all but gone.

Its all a crap shoot... and it will be a learning experience for ya. you have a crowd of big eaters and you seem to have enough food planed.

it will be easier than you think.

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Some very good points made.... try putting bread and butter first in line, then beans/slaw, or any of that other stuff, then chicken, then pulled pork... Might want to have a "carving station" for the ribs... basically , cut as needed , in front of the eaters....... This will not only "feature " the ribs, it will able you to keep ribs in a warming cooler, not in a tray, and, gets you to interact with the crowd... really cuts down on the meat consumption, or keeps it "contained" .. set the dessert out, after the meal is finished, maybe on a another table, with coffee...
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It's funny because I set out like Bobberqer, except I set the sides, then the bread, then the meat, (cheapest to costliest), then the sauce station, on side tables, so they aren't slowing down the feeding crowd with sauce choice.

Then the desserts out on the sauce station tables while everyone is sat down eating, and replenish the desserts as they are taken.
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I set the buffet up the same. At the end of the line I cut the ribs, I like interacting with the people I'm cooking for.

We use chicken drumsticks, at Cosco they are 32 cents apiece and my cooker easily fits 72 (two packages) on the bottom grate. Cooking chicken like this couldn't be easier. I dump the chicken in a buss bin, dump a bunch of rub on it, mix it up and repeat. I then dump the chicken on the grate , roll back the skin and arrange the chicken to fit. There's no trimming or carving it's just cook and serve.


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