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Sure Pigs!
Here is the recipe for the beer I took the pics of.
8lbs crushed Pale Malt
1/2lb Crystal Malt
1 1/2 oz Chinook pellet hops (very bitter)
1 pkg Wyeast American Ale Yeast
My pots all have a system called an easy masher. It is a faucet attached to the bottom of the pot and copper tubing going into the center for draining. I put a window screen filter on the end to strain out the grains.

Put the crushed grains into the pot with 3 gals of warm water and raise the temp to 155* and cover and hold the temp for 30 mins. This turns the starch in the grain to sugar. Then raise the temp to 175* and hold for 10mins. This stops the starch to sugar conversion.
I boil 5 gallons of water on the top pot and let it trickle into the grain pot. I put a bowl ontop of the grains and try to keep the bed of grains covered with 2" of water. Then open up the spigot on the middle pot slowly and collect a couple cups of the hot liquid. until it runs clear. Then let it slowly drain into the bottom pot. Trying to mnot disturb the bed of grains.

After I colletced 6 gallons I turn it off. Dump the pot with the grains out (compost or make beer bread)
Take the pot with the hot liquid and boil it. for 1 hour, rolling. Add 1/3 of the hops at the start and 1/3 half way through and the last at the end of the boil. Cool the liquid quickly. Either by filling a sink of ice or a chiller. I made mine out of copper tubing coiled and hooked up to my faucet. Cool it to about 80* and add the yeat. I cover my pot with the lid and use it as a fermenter. Most brewers shudder when they hear I do this. I let it sit until the yeast has finished working it's magic. Turning the sugar to alcohol ! Then I bottle it.
My "Go To" beer like an India Pale Ale. Bitter from the hops but crisp like a Bass Ale.

Ginger Ale
8lbs Pale Malt crushed.
1/2 lb Crystal Malt crushed
4 ozs grated Ginger root fresh.
1oz Northern Brewer hops
3/4 oz Kent Goldings hops
1 pkg American Ale yeast.
Same procedure as above
add grated ginger at the end of the boil with the last of the hops.
Zesty and refreshing!

Cranberry Ale

8lbs Pale malt
2 1/2 oz Hallertauer hops
4 pkgs Ocean Spray Cranberries (crushed)
1 pkg American Ale yeast
same as above
add crushed cranberries with in the last 15 mins of the boil.
This beer is a holiday fav around here. It has a pretty Rose color to it. The beer and the foam. A lil tart but not TOO much.

Scotch Ale

9lbs Pale Malt
2lbs Cara Pils Malt
3/4lb Roasted malt
2oz Fuggles hops
2oz Kent Goldings Hops
2 pkg Wyeast Scottish Ale yeast.
1 tsp Irish Moss
same as above but boil 1 1/2 hours
add Irish Moss with 30 mins left in the boil.
After yeast starts working cool pot in fridge to about 50* for about a month. Til fermentation stops
After bottling let the bottles sit for about 4 months.
This is a GREAT BIG beer. worth the wait. Good for the winter.

I have more, but these are the ones I always make cuz I like them. PM if you want any more.
Cheers! :biggrin:

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Groovy, Thanks for posting them, I may have to try to make some again. Now if I can only find my bottle capper.

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Originally Posted by Pigs On The Wing BBQ
Groovy, Thanks for posting them, I may have to try to make some again. Now if I can only find my bottle capper.
Pigs there is a home brew store on Military near Sheridan.......
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Originally Posted by Pigs On The Wing BBQ
Great looking brew! I tried to make home brew from scratch many years ago, But when I bottled it up and capped them they dun blowed up a week later. What a mess that made. Mom and Dad were not happy at all. I then went to shine and corn liquor after that. Old Alvin on the farm made some great cider and apple jack, But he's gone now. Ever make any cherry bounce?
Hey Pigs, any chance of gettin' a sample of that shine?
I had a contact down South, haven't been able to get it for a while 8-[

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