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Fatz Philly Steak

2 Steak-ums
Cheez Whiz
Green Peppers

Start the beef and liberally quote with Fatz's PigPowder. Put beef on bun and douse with grilled onions, peppers and top with cheez whiz!

Man, this PigPowder stuff is great...I heard you can't get because it is so "in-demand"...I got 2 bottles at my house...let the bidding start at $10/bottle...plus shipping, of course!

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I made some philly's a couple of months ago. I used a hunk of ribeye, sliced thin and cooked in a CAST IRON SKILLET that had already been seasoned from the onions and peppers. Offered a choice of cheese whiz and provolone. NO ONE ate the cheese whiz, mainly because it's made of yellow plastic. I threw the jar away. I know some Philly-delphians really do eat it, but I found the taste disgusting.

If you want yellow, use Velveeta instead of cheese wiz. One of my poker buddies is from Philly, so I grilled him after he tried it. He said it was perfect except for the buns. Seems they use a certain italian roll or sumpin I can't get here in SC.

Now that Pig Powder seems to be created for use with a pig. I de-deuced this after reading the name. Then I noticed that Philly's use a beef type meat. Hmmmmm.

It appears I will break down and have to order another bbq related
spice/sauce/accessory despite the fact I have crap that I've had for a year without trying out yet!

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Gotta agree with the Captain, no Cheez Whiz or slices in this house.

I avoid anything containing whey since I read in a book it is a byproduct of cheese production, a putrid puss-like awful smelling biohazardous sludge. The food industry was having increasing difficulty disposing of it so they figured out a way to process it so they could sell it back to us instead.

but thanks for the idea Greg, I'll have to try some philly sandwiches with swiss or cheddar when I get my hands on Pig Powder.
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Jshively, thanks, but I'm not sure what to believe, the problem is that green smelly sludge image is so engrained in me I don't think I'll ever get past it. My loss perhaps.

At any rate, I read the Cheez Whiz label at the supermarket tonight and it doesn't mention whey. I thought it did contain whey, sry for bringing it up Greg.
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