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Thank for all the tips guys. I'll post a blow by blow when I cook them.
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Well, things didn't go so well today.
I cooked at 220 for an hour and turned them over.
220 for another hour.
Wrapped in foil and 2 more hours at 220.
Unwrapped and basted with sauce for 15 minutes at high heat.
Very tough- I don't think they were near being done.

Maybe the thermometer on the top lid of the grill isn't accurate?
Anyway- I'm very dissapointed.
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I agree with wdroller. I also smoke ribs bones down and I don't flip them either. Keep practicing and soon they will be excellent. Ribs aren't done until the meat starts receding on the bone. I try for about 1/2 inch or so. If you can get a good digital thermometer.
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Originally Posted by wdroller
Erik, you are using a therm. that came with the gril/smokerand that may be the problem. I suggest you get an accurate thermometer to place as close to the meat as possible. Second, make sure you are not cooking directly over your heat source. I don't bother turning ribs. I just place them on bone side down. If you are sure your heat is not over 220 and you are not cooking directly over the heat source, cook your ribs without turning them for, say, two hours--three if you are cooking spares. If you see the meat pulling back from the bones, foil them immediately and cook for no more than another hour. Unwrap them and put on your glaze. Do not raise the heat!! They will probably be ready 30 minutes after you take them from the foil--60 if you are cooking spares. Don't try to hurry things along.

Take notes. You may find that the ribs are too "mushy." If so, do not leave them in the foil as long the next time. If dry and tough, leave them in the foil a little longer.

Hope this helps. Ribs are so good that you definately want to be able to prepare them to your liking.
I cooked indirectly. And yes I will be buying an accurate thermometer.
I appreciated all the feedback from you guys. Thanks.
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