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Originally Posted by bigwheel
Looks mighty tasty. Dont look like them burgers drawed up too much. Guess it 80/20 chuck at the least. You ever tried cooking the corn in the schuck? Whuts up with the black beans on the tacos? That bound to be some kind of yankee thang. Supposed to have pintos or Ranch Styles on the side. Keep up the good work.

The package only said Beef and Pork Medium. No clue what type of beef, or pork????? What ever it was It was a damm good tasting burger!!

I here ya on the Pintos! Around here pintos come in small bags tucked in a corner of the shelf! I felt lucky to find black beans at all! They got bags of red beans and rice a show dog couldn't jump over!!

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Well taking a wild guess they had some loins which was headed outta date and decided to throw it in the hamburger bin. Cant think of any other part o the hawg which keep it that lean. Bet that was some fine tasting meat. They caught Tom Thumb down here (now owned by Safeway) was putting chicken..turkey...pork etc. into the hamburger meat but was forgetting to change the label from all beef to the combo mix. Went over like a lead ballon with the health goons. I always thought their hamburger meat tasted funny back in them days. I bought some which was fresh and nice n red on the outside and spoiled and all brownish on the inside. Still aint figgered out how they figgered out how to do that. They was owned by some Jewish Folks called Simon David back in them days. They did all kinds of tricky stuff.


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