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Originally Posted by Captain Morgan
if there is one thing in this world I know how to handle,
it's a pop can.
When they're not getting knocked over.

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I would make them thicker so they wont dry out so fast. Our press , before it broke, was about 5 to 6 inches round and it worked great. I think it was one of those "pampered chef" deals the wife
brought home -but I loved it. Im kinda surprised to hear Larry say not to press em' to hard cause I've always smashed the shi* out tuv' em'.

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Well I dont think it super critical to follow the non pressing rule as long as the meat is in the raw state. Now I wouldnt want an elephant to stomp on it or anything like that..but don't think a reasonable force applied when patty making is gonna hurt it. In fact I used to have the cutest little Rubbermaid plastic hamburger press you ever seen. Just about 4 or 5 little round patty shaped bowls and a masher. Drop a wad of hamburger meat down in the bowl and squish it with the masher..then continueth. When you get a full load you either take em outta the bowls and make mo pattties or leave em in the molds and start stacking them together and into the icebox. Somebody say you can still find em on ebay. Very good on portion control situations such as if you trying to sell em but you don't know when somebody gonna want to buy one. Thats how I done it when I was the HMFIC down at the local combo pool hall and hamburger joint..also movie rentals..video arcade and indoors minature Golf. We called it Golf and Stuff..cuz I seen a movie which had that as the name of a similar place. Always thought it sounded kewlish

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I make good burgers. didn't read the whole thread so some of it may have been mentioned already:

not too thick

don't press them repeatedly on the grill (makes the juices run out), don't cram them together, not too many at once, leave room to move them around if it flares up

I put a little bread crumb, egg and milk/cream in them, dehyd onions (flakes or minced) to help them bind instead of fresh onions ... woos, rub wahtever else you like

I cook direct for color then indirect

sorry, I don't measure temp

took to using reg gr beef instea of lean or x lean, like it way mucho more

rest them like anything else ... 10 minutes or so

Posted this on the other board in the fall:

The burgers went triangular after I found these buns at a local bakery. They call them ciabatta. I've had ciabatta from other places that were much heavier, tough but these are lighter and tender. Whatever they are, they are good, so I started making the patties to fit.

Just something to look at, hope ya enjoy!

Hand made triangle patties, reg gr beef & stuff:

Patties close up:

Maple Leaf lump, Raichlen Chimney Starter, My Kettle-esque grill:

Lit dumped:

Patties on:

Grilled bun, chipotle mayo on top, dill slices on garlic buttered bottom:

Add a burger after a 5 minute foil rest:

L&T on top, aged white cheddar, butter fried back bacon, sauteed mushrooms, ketchup & mustard, onions on bottom:

Ready to go after a squish together:

The SO is sharing her burger with you:
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Shawn, now thats a nice burger! Great job!

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Originally Posted by Shawn White
I make good burgers.
No question.

(That finished patty is incredibly good-looking. )
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Now that is a fine looking burger!

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