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Old 05-05-2010, 03:23 PM   #1
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Weber Customer Service

I got one of the close-out Weber Performers last winter for $199. I got it to take to Northern Michigan for our cottage. Fast forward to today, am at the cottage in Michigan and started to put it together .... missing the axle and then noticed a huge crack in the table.

I called Weber Customer Service and got a normal sounding informed person on the phone, no transferring, just talked to one person. I explained my problem and after some information gathering she asked if I wanted the parts sent to Michigan or my home in Ohio. She suggested it would take 7-10 day to get the parts, so I told her Ohio as I would be heading back there in 10 days or so. Her response was ..."Let me upgrade that to Fed Ex 2 Day so you will have the parts in Michigan." After I got up off the ground, I gave her the address and now I will wait for the parts. No charge, pretty much no questions asked, am I dreaming?

I have heard a number of folks on the Forum talk about the great customer service at Weber, but now I have experienced it first hand. I'm a customer for life ... Thanks Weber!

I'm waiting for the parts before I christen the Performer so tonight's dinner will be cooked on my 25 year old black 22.5" Weber Kettle.

Buzz Price
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Re: Weber Customer Service

They so ROCK in a hardcore style. USA! USA! USA!

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God O'Que
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Re: Weber Customer Service

I have dealt with their customer service once and they hooked me up nicely as well. I have heard a lot of peoples stories on how well they were treated by Weber. I can only think of one person that had an unpleasant experience with Weber's CS.
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Re: Weber Customer Service

The minimal cost it was to do that, made this story, and keeps people coming back to purchase their stuff. Well done by Weber. They get it. Many companies don't.
- BeeRich in Toronto
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Old 05-05-2010, 07:36 PM   #5
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Re: Weber Customer Service

Well heard a bunch of folks bragging on Weber customer it got to be true. I'm gonna buy one some day. Or if a person want to wait a while they can always find some good deals setting on the yup curbs on trash day. Wow...dont even get me started on all the good stuff I got like that. Have a chance to grab a bunch of them kettles with the tables attahed sometimes but did not want ashes in the trunk. Cleanliness is next to Godliness you know? Hezikah 3:14

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Old 05-10-2010, 11:26 AM   #6
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Re: Weber Customer Service

This service ISN'T just in the US, It's also over here, I Posted a longer thread about this over here
But basicly:
Onze oude vertrouwde firestarter...

A couple of people joked about the weber service so I Mailed weber these pic's, explained that it "ripped" while it was full, and that no one got hurd, but I was feeling unsafe. Furthermore I was fully content with there products (exept some bothering b'cause of the wobbly legs under my 22 1/2 kettle).

Within 3 workday's I receved a Package and posted:

Vandaag kwam ik thuis en zag een doos staan, mijn hart sloeg over...(Today I came home, saw a box and my hart skipped)

Maar toen ik 'm opende kwam er een heel andere verrassing uit: (Opened it and out came another surprise)

Even alles meegenomen naar buiten: (Taking it outside)

even de oude en de nieuwe bij elkaar... (The old and the new)

Deze service van is echt grandioos, Bedankt Weber. (This service is great, thx Weber)
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Re: Weber Customer Service

Wow ... someone on another forum said "I wish there were a Weber Airline" what great customer service.
Buzz Price
• WSM 18.5 • WSM 22.5 • Performers, Black & Green • Q 300 Gasser
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Old 05-11-2010, 01:26 AM   #8
Saint O'Que
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Re: Weber Customer Service

They do rock and they use FedEx!!!!

Keep usen em!

FedEx Senior Account Executive
Anaheim CA.
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Old 05-15-2010, 12:17 PM   #9
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Re: Weber Customer Service

Dealt with em on a damaged lid, got a new lid shipped free an fast. Great bunch ta work with fer sure.
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Re: Weber Customer Service

Val works at a place that deals in Weber products. Any problems, be it shipping or customer service, they are on the ball and take care of it. No hassle, no BS, they get it done in a timely mater.

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Old 05-25-2010, 01:07 AM   #11
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Re: Weber Customer Service

Did the same for me on my kettle a few years back. Their outstanding customer service has made me a customer for life.

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