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Unexpected Guests - Chicken Last Night

Got home from a shooting match yesterday afternoon and was informed that we had a half dozen folks coming for dinner last
night. I hit Publix to pick up some chicken breasts and cabbage for Cole Slaw.

I have a hard time keeping chicken breasts from drying out on the grill so I put some rub and BBQ sauce on them then set
them on a broilerpan with some water underneath. Cover them tightly with heavy duty foil, poke a few slits in it, and give
them an hour in a 325º oven.

Pop the birds on a medium hot grill for a few minutes to finish up and you’re good to go.

While they were in the oven I did a pot of beans and two kinds of Cole Slaw. One was a sour cream & mayo based the other
vegetable oil & cider vinegar. For sauces I set out Bone Suckers, Sonny’s Sweet, and a Honey Mustard.



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Well sounds like a great strategy on them breastes. Warden always trying to get me to cook them thangs on the gasser..turrible hard not to overcook and dry em out. I give this method a whirl next time. Thanks.


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Food looks good and I'll need to try out your cooking method. Whenever I cook breast meet it always tends to lean on the dry side. Thanks for sharing.
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Hey ya know I been thinking on this deal and its a real close variant to the Texas strategy to cook goats and stuff. You wrap it in foil with a beer and some butter..handful of onyawns etc. Let it chuckle away in the foil till it dies and gives up..then stick it in the smoke for a while. Now this one fella was Grand Prize Winniing goat cooker of the area. All the farmers hire him to come out and cook goats when they was having a feed. His name was Arlie Gant. Arlie had these huge stew pots and he boil up the goat with spices in the big pots. When it passed the poke test it went on the fire. Recall vividly one of his top secrets was to dump the juice off a gallon can of pickled japs down into the seething water. He was also the best Noodler in the County..or most likely in the world. He even bought a SCUBA diving suit to drag them big cats out from under the banks of the Mighty Red. He say you reach up under the bank and feel something with hair on it...thats a bad sign. That is a Beaver and probably fixing to take a big plug outta your hand shortly. Catfish is slick feeling ya know? Sorta like semen on a gold tooth.

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Looks like it was a fine meal! I always keep some stuff frozen fer just such an occasion, don't take long ta whoop up a good meal!
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Looks real good JA, Try skin on bone in breasts they cook up juicer

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