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When you build the better mouse trap (therm) let us know....sounds like something we've wanted for a long time.

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How about having the jacks for the probes come out of the top instead of the bottom. It seems a bit awkward when they are coming out of the bottom to me.

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Originally Posted by bknox
How about having the jacks for the probes come out of the top instead of the bottom. It seems a bit awkward when they are coming out of the bottom to me.
or maybe even rubberize the entire piece and leave a door of sorts where the temp probes plug in, something that is water resistant at least
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how about an easy to access transmit or power button?
Also, easy to use temperature setting.
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Hello gaylon & welcome, I am a comercial HVAC & energy management contractor, Systems like you are looking for allready exist & are use worldwide, Do a google search for TCS controls. It will read temps & transmit over wifi or any internet connection to a PC equiped with proper software, alarms can be set & it can send mesages to cell phones.
It aint cheap but it can monitor a unlimited amount of sensors & temp probes & do many other things as well. We can remotely turn on/off & make ajustments to lighting, HVAC systems, burglar alarms & it can be used to start your dishwasher or any appliance you have connected to the system.
Other simple systems are also avalible, this will get you started: ... tId=197827
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I like the idea of having the therm probes plug into the top of the unit. Also, have them longer and more durable. The Maverick leads are so short.
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Also, maybe high heat cables (700* or higher) capable so you can use them on the grill too...??
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To some extent, it sounds like you're talking about the NU-701. But it has weaknesses. Among other things, it's not small enough to ride on your belt well, the base units are not at all weather resistant, and they operate on a very limited frequency range, and are very susceptible to interference -- especially from other NU units.

So far the suggestions have been (1) Grill capable probe and leads. A thing you may have planned for already.
support a variety of probes
(2) Easy access jacks, (3) More robust weatherization (actually the ET-73 is pretty good). And (4) better access to controls. The screw on the back of the ET-73 is a bit of a pain.

All of these ideas are good ones, IMO. I'd also like to see (A) Easier programming for the alarms -- the ET-73 will only allow you to program in one direction. (B) Automatic search when the signal is lost. The ET-73 usually makes you turn the units off and on to reacquire a lost signal. (C) Leads sealed into the probes, so the probes can be easily cleaned. "Dishwasher safe" would be ideal. (D) Keep the remote unit small enough to carry on a belt clip.

Given all of this, including a four probe capacity and three included probes (1 (1000 deg) grill capabple, 1 meat, 1 chamber), I'd be willing to go a couple of hundred. But considering that's the price of 5 ET-73s, I'm not sure how many other people would. And, as JB pointed out, there are a variety of systems already on the market -- many of them wi-fi networked -- which means the user can use a smart phone or wi-fi PDA as a remote. FWIW, you could order a "Stoker" base unit; add a cheap access point; pick up a 12 V power supply from Pep Boys, and for less than four hundred -- there you go. Hell, with a repeater you could probably get 1000' of range.

Which leads to another consideration. At the price point a limited production run will put you in, you'll be competing with the Stoker and Guru. You may want to consider fan-bellows control as well.

Lots to think about. Good luck and keep us posted,
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I just want one that isnt a piece of junk...every digital probe that I have ever used to monitor pit temps in my wsm has burnt out in a cook or 2..doesnt matter how I do through the top vent...under the it is now I stick with my old deep fyer thermo through the top vent and just stick my meat towards the end with an analog model...though a thermopen is in my future for checking meat....though brisket, ribs, and pork are still really tested with a toothpick...
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I like the cheap ones I got that are mavericks/ They have lasted the longest. I bought 7 of them and they cost 6.99 per.

Nothing special about them but they are lasting.

THe ET 73 is ok. just a higher than I would normally like to spend.


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