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Santa Came Ta Town

Right fer Christmas, this was my donation, Momma is the financial director of operations fer a residential care facility, they house folk with mental uh, uh, difficulties we shall say. We do this ever year fer em. We put tagether a package of presents fer em an each gets there picture taken with Santa. Most of em have family, but they never have anythin ta do with em.

We also have the staff bring in there youngins to!

After we finished up there we wen't ta the local McDonalds fer bout 2 hours. Lots a little ones with a ton a questions!

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That's awesome Hillbilly. I couldn't imagine not spending the time with a relative in that situation. Your story brought warmth to my heart

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absolutely great job Hillbilly, you're awesome
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That is great. I just don't how how families can do that to there own. Again great job.
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Excellent job! The world could use more folks like you!
I hope this isn't negative!
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Originally Posted by Nick Prochilo
Excellent job! The world could use more folks like you!
I second, third and fourth that comment......Great job Hillbilly!!
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My employer insures several group home operations (with anywhere from 5 to 8 homes each), and my wife's youngest sister is a resident in a group home. So, from two different perspectives, thank you, your wife, and the staff for what you do. My experience has been that people who work in these homes see it as much more than just a job.

(And for the record, my wife's sister spends about every third weekend with us, which gives her a chance to sleep later, play with the dog, play putt-putt, eat bbq, and help my wife shop - a lot.)
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Dang didn't have to post this. I already figgered out you a nice feller May the Lord richly bless your efforts in the area you are occupying. Like Larry the Cable Guy say..."Inside each old person there is a young person on the inside screaming...How in the hell did this happen?" Course he just borrowed that one from George Burns and changed it up a bit. George say he was 18 trapped in a 90 year old body or something similar (paraphrasing of course). I think this will at least get a person outta Purgatory a few hundred years ahead of schedule etc. Keep up the good work. I want to come set in your lap one of these days. Looked like you landed a whopper on that first pic. We gonna have to figger out some way to get you a white beard. Santa aint gray headed ya know?


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